Saturday, 6 June 2015

[LICK 001] Theory / Tango & Fallout - Soul Intent Relicks 01 [12" Black & Gold Vinyl Pre-Order Available Now!!!]

A-Side - Theory - Pictures, Shapes & Patterns-  (Soul Intents Dark Up The Dance Remix).
B-Side - Tango & Fallout - Positive Chaos (Soul Intent Relick).

Veteran Nottinghamshire based Drum & Bass artist Soul Intent unleashes a limited edition, gorgeously black and gold mixed, 12" vinyl release, entitled 'Soul Intent Relicks 01'. Featuring two killer D&B remixes guaranteed to devastate any discerning dance-floor.

On the A-Side, Channel 82's Theory sees his 'Pictures, Shapes & Patterns' receive the Soul Intent 'Dark Up The Dance Remix' treatment, opening with a deep atmospheric intro which slowly veers off into darker territory with screeching mentasm stabs, growling bass and pummeling breaks. The 'Pictures, Shapes & Patterns' rework has remained unreleased since 2010 up until now and absolutely deserves it's rightful place on vinyl now.

To accompany the Theory remix, Soul Intent takes on the daunting task of tackling Tango & Fallout's legendary 1994 darkside classic, 'Positive Chaos'Of which he expertly remains faithful to the source material whilst incorporating an updated D&B breakbeat, rapid-fire hoover edits and a rumbling bassline to underpin the haunting female vocal sighs and soaring synths of the original version. This is destined to be a future darkside anthem.

The hand numbered 'Soul Intent Relicks 01' 12" white label is available to pre-order now for £8.49 (plus P&P) from the Soul Intent Bandcamp link below, and is estimated to be ready for distribution on 2711/15. So if you are seriously into your D&B then you need to pre-order yourself a copy of these heavyweight remixes pronto!!!

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