Sunday, 17 May 2015

[RARA 12] Various Artists - Forbidden Jungle [Available Now From All Good Digital Stores + Limited Edition CD!!!]

1/ DJ Sideeffect - Amenz. 
2/ Warminstrel - Jungle 95.
3/ The Undesignated - Our Soundz of Now (Distrax & Casey Remix).
4/ Gotcher- Yeah.
5/ Effekttz & Dave Yourell - The Original.
6/ Fireflake - Stuckmarine.
7/ Red Alfa - Clarity.
8/ Distrax - Get Up.
9/ Underkind - Sound Of A Dance.
10/ Xmplfy - You Bring Me Down.
11/ Exit Point - No Matter What.
12/ Warminstrel - Older School. (Digital Download Only)
13.  Paul Cronin - Where's Ya Booty. 
14/ Fireflake - Easy Does It. (Digital Download Only)
15/ Warminstrel - Blue Beat. (Digital Download Only)
16/  Karmz -Temptations.
17/ Thompsonics - Speckled Dove.
18/ Red Alfa - Repent. (Digital Download Only)
19/ Raket - Anticipation.

Red Alfa Records may be a relative newcomer to the Drum & Bass field, but since 2013 they have made an impact by churning out quality releases at a frantic pace. With 125 singles/EP's and 7 albums/compilations released to date.

For those unfamiliar with the label, the brand new 'Forbidden Jungle' compilation is a perfect stepping in point and features the cream of the new school of underground jungle and drum & bass. Spanning 19 tracks 'Forbidden Jungle' has enough hard-hitting breaks, the rudest of basslines and styles ranging from tear-out, amen rinsers (Warminstrel's 'Jungle 95'), jungle steppers (Underkind's 'Sound Of A Dance') low down and dirty jazzstep numbers (Exit Point's 'No Matter What') and punchy rave tinged numbers (Thompsonics 'Speckled Dove') to please even the most discerning of drum & bass heads.

Please note. there are no commercial, lightweight D&B tracks to be found on on here. Only serious headz need apply!!!

Red Alfa's 'Forbidden Jungle' is available to purchase now as a 19 track digital download from all good digital music stores, including...



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 ...and for those who love their physical products, as a limited edition 15 track CD from Red Alfa Records direct...

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