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Various Artists - Beats For Gaza Volumes One & Two [Oxfam Gaza Appeal Fundraising Charity Compilations]

Beats For Gaza Volume One
1/ 2Brainz And J Sly - Swisher Dub.
2/ Abstract Illusion - War Is Not A Game.
3/ BABYLON3 - Free Gaza.
4/ Dan Guidance - Slowly Breaking.
5/ Dan Guidance - Who Stole The Soul.
6/ Darkhalf - Last Of Your Kind.
7/ Decibel Lector - Say No To Silence.
8/ Distrax - Filled My Life With Light.
9/ DJ Hybrid - Way Back.
10/ FLeCK - Sunray.
12/ Jonny 5 - Nowhere To Run.
13/ Piker - Volgin (2014 VIP).
14/ Redshift & Vic B - Amen My Bruvva.
15/ Resin - I Watched The Sunlight Dance.
16/ Soulscience - Dusky Sound.
17/ Sound Shifter - Live & Experience.
18/ Sparki Dee - War No More.
19/ Stefano B & Noya - Oh My Gosh.
20/ Stefano B - 7 Days.
21/ Stormski - Not In Our Name.
Beats For Gaza Volume Two
1/ Boss T - Complicated.
2/ Cavil - Tell Me.
3/ Dani B - All Believers (HouseFooL Remix).
4/ DJ Mark C - Support The Cause.
5/ DJ Nicky Allen - Strong To Survive.
6/ DJPC - Shalom (Original Dove Mix).
7/ Dr Wrong & Old Harry Rox - Be This Way.
8/ Eddie Voyager - Music Is My Life.
9/ Exit Point - Everybody.
10/ Hibrid - Full Moon.
11/ Hibrid - Cloudbase 3.
12/ Karnage - Ruff N Rugged!
13/ Libatee - I'm In Love With You.
14/ Love Lizard - Some Kinda Fool.
15/ Luffy - Hold Me In Your Arms.
16/ Mr Sin - X.
17/ Nayim & Luffy - Sweet Heart.
18/ Otter - Grey Skies (Hastings Remix).
19/ Paul Cronin - Hear It Feel It.
20/ P.A.Sound Ft Lu Angel - Sirens Call.
21/ Pursuit - Beatz Not Bombz.
22/ Rockin'N'shockin - For The Junglists.
23/ The Amenator - The Inflicted.
24/ The Deathmaker- The Silence Kills.
25/ Toran Delaney - Delta 503.
26/ Tribe Steppaz - Drop Basslines Not Bombs.
27/ UFBL - Vex.
28/ Unique 3 - Shades Of Grey.
29/ USBS - Act On The Knowledge.
30/ Yell-O-Phase - G.A.Z.A.
As of July this year the Israel/Palestine conflict has resulted in the indiscriminate bombing campaign of the Gaza strip resulting in the displacement of up to 520'000 Palestinians. The Oxfam Gaza Crisis Appeal has provided non-political and humanitarian aid to those caught in the middle of the conflict and strives to gain funding to replace destroyed homes and hospitals, provide  access to clean water and to supply warm clothing for the harsh Winter for those affected.  
To aid the Oxfam Gaza Crisis Appeal, the cream of the underground dance music scene have individually donated a total of 51 tracks towards two huge charity fundraising compilations, 'Beats For Gaza Volume One' and 'Beats For Gaza Volume Two'. The Beats For Gaza project is an entirely independent music venture with 100% of the proceeds raised from track sales going directly towards Oxfam's Gaza Appeal.
The 21 track 'Beats For Gaza Volume One' compilation on the whole concentrates on all variations of drum & bass, with a pinch of downtempo and trance-infused techno included.
For lovers of smooth liquid grooves FLeCK provides the gorgeously melancholic 'Sunrays' while Dan Guidance offers up some soulful, yearning vocals on 'Slowly Breaking' while Resin's epic 'I Watched The Sunlight Dance' conjures up memories of a long faded Summer. If you like your drum & bass deep, dark and heavy Stephano B & Noya delivers a heavyweight 2-stepper with 'Oh My Gosh' closely followed by Babylon3 with the warped bass monster that is 'Free Gaza' and Darkhalf takes us into a journey to the deepside with 'Last Of Your Kind'.
And pure tear-out junglists are provided with the beats for the mind and for the feet with Jonny 5's amen assault 'Nowhere To Run', DJ Hybrid's revitalisation of the classic 1994/1995 jungle sound with 'Way Back' (watch out for that Reece Bass!!!) and Stormski rounds off the collection with the powerful 'Not In My name' which combines rugged bass and breaks with inspirational speech.

'Beats For Gaza Volume Two' offers up a hugely eclectic selection of 30 tracks from deep to pounding techno, bass infused future jungle, breakbeat hardcore, chilled dubstep, house, downtempo and conscious hip-hop. With highlights coming in thick and fast from The Amenator's darkly cinematic take on drum & bass, 'The Inflicted'Hibrid's lush dubstep journey, 'Coudbase 3', Boss T's transcending, euphoric techno with a message track 'Complicated'. DJ Nicky Allen's light and dark straddling, breakbeat stepper, 'Strong To Survive', the ruffneck bass mangling, future jungle growler, 'Ruff N Rugged' from Karnage and veteran bass music legends, Unique 3 with their sublime techno symphony, 'Shades Of Grey'.


All in all there are way too many excellent tracks to review individually, but there is honestly not a single track featured which disappoints musically. Please give your support for the album, as the proceeds will benefit the many people who are caught within a struggle that is not of their choice.

If you cannot find anything in this broad selections of future anthems, then there seriously must be something wrong with your ears. :D 


Individual tracks are available to purchase from £0.75 for 320 bitrate MP3's and £1.20 for lossless WAV files from the link below...


To send a donation to Oxfam's Gaza Crisis Appeal follow the link below...

Below is a small selection of clips the featured tracks appearing on Volumes One & Two of the 'Beats For Gaza' compilation...















Plus don't forget to download Non Compliance's excellent live set from Brace Yourself, recorded on Sepember 12th, 2014 at the 'Beats For Gaza' album launch party. Link below....

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