Monday, 17 November 2014


Some words from Tony D about his mix to Firefox Demon

" A relative newcomer to production , but making top tunes and without a doubt one to watch for the future. With a constant stream of quality tunes on soundcloud of late, aswel as a big file of unreleased tunes sent to me, its a real pleasure to mix up this lot. I have enough tunes left over for a mix 2 which will be done very soon.This type of hardcore is my favourite with 4beat, hoovers & synth stabs galore that rolls in a tune with great bass and amens too. Of all the pennywise remixes that have been done lately I think this one is up there with the best of them imo as its simple yet scatty at the same time."


01. sweet vibrations
02. madda than the krowd [on a madda tip mix]
03. get on a rush [opium confliction mix]
04. nitez with angels
05. ready 2 flow [xcite the mix]
06. sonic destroy
07. pumpkin breathe
08. the spiritual awareness
09. trick or treat [myers loves a stab mix]
10. choose your warrior
11. did they warn you [bogeyman mix]
12. extrantocation
13. science in the blood
14. the dream maker
15. schizophrenic children
16. start the rush
17. thunder in the bass [original mix]
18. force of omega
19. incredible rave machine
20. theory of moebius
21. dreddbeat
22. as darkness falls [original mix]
23. pennywise [bitten by a zombie clown mix]


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