Sunday, 16 November 2014

GORESHIT - wish i was here (or how things went wrong)

Sometimes words are useless or even better, music can beat words.. This is how i felt when listened to Goreshit's new Album.
Goreshit story started in mid00s as a black metal project and around the last 8 years is a solo project of Leon Makepeace dealing with IDM, Breakcore, Drum & Bass and mostly Hardcore sounds in general with lots of class productions and a great number of releases.
Some weeks ago he revealed his fresh 9track Album titled 'wish i was here (or how things went wrong)' and already receiving big support from the fans. Been listening to this Album several times and this compilation of productions flows well and pumps perfectly into the listener's soul. It's a mental blend of Rave, IDM and Dark elements..

Grab your copies now on Goreshit's bandcamp page here


01. how things went wrong
02. watch it flow
03. they know
04. aczd.fkr
05. more than you know
06. resynth
07. watch me drown
08. d.i.b.
09. wish i was here

Here's a preview streaming all 9 tracks of this amazing electronic trip....


Check out some of Goreshit's forthcoming stuff as uploaded on his Soundcloud page: 

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