Wednesday 5 June 2024

Unknown - Pillz Vol. 4

The elusive Hardcore Mashup maestro returns for a fourth installment of the Pillz series.


 I've been a fan of this series from it's Inception a few years back and this is easily my favourite release to date.

Like Oldskool Hardcore gold to a happy raver's ears, 'I Can Feel It' and 'Buzzing' both hit the sweet spot with DJ friendly intros and outros, the former, a rushy affair with plenty of 'I remember that' moments that induce mass endorphins at a rapid rate (if you raved or just loved the tunes , you will understand). The latter, a darker but equally pleasing affair with adrenaline fueled nostalgic darkside.

Mashups but more than just mashup s, these beauties stand alone on their own creative merits, striking the balance between way back when and the surging new wave of Breakbeat Hardcore, Pillz that go down a treat!  

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