Sunday 2 June 2024

NEW: Strictly Nuskool EP by Stu Armstrong


We are more than pleased to present our brand new release introducing the sounds of Essex based Stu Armstrong. You have met up Stu on our recent 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.3' with his tune ''Hold On 2 U'' and it was about time to cook up something personal. In his words, he was very delighted to put out something special for the Strictly Nuskool. So, the mane of it is 'Something About U EP' - comprised of four belters!

Stu went on a track-by-track lil review to get you inside the game...

"Got Your Soul"
This is an old skool 92/93 style track I absolutely love this era of hardcore. The track has SL2 infuences in it and some oldskool hip hop samples that have been used before. I also cheated a bit with the piano riff but it just had to be done its such a cool riff.

"Hardcore Skankin' "
This is s a totally experimental track. This has a bit of a '93 jungle techno vibe to it. I used some old samples I have on a Amega sample pack and an old scratch vinyl. I experimented with the bassline and chucked in some old 303s ad there you have it. I had fun with this one it kinda just all fell into place nicely.

"Rinse It Propa"
This is an original style jungle track with a late 94/early 95 vibe to it. I sampled from an old rave tape that i was suprised still worked. I used a very naughty sample from the wildsyle soundtrack had to add an eliment of oldskool hip hop and used the theme music from and old Japanese style cartoon movie that I liked as a kid. Then threw in some busy amens and breakbeats. I hadn't made a Jungle track in a while so it was good to get stuck into 1 again.

"Something About U (Back To 94 Remix)"
This is remix of the 1st track of mine that GLOWKiD played back on his show on Kniteforce Radio. This was also the first attempt at a hardcore track when I origially went back t production during Covid. This was 1 of many little lockdown projects that i did so had to go back and have another go at that again. I just wanted to update it a little bit and use the new skills that I have learnt over the last couple of years and also it would fit as the title track for the EP as the orignal production has contibuted to me being able to get into making music for this incredible rave scene of ours.


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