Tuesday, 1 May 2018

DJ酒井法子 & ピアノ男 (DJ Sakai & Piano Man aka pianoid) - 体験版

01. Kisarazu Noripi_n Roll - DJ酒井法子
02. Kamadosan - ピアノ男
03. Be Together (All Night Long Rave Mix) - DJ酒井法子
04. リサフランク2兆 - ピアノ男
05. Monkey Wicked Jungle - DJ酒井法子
06. Mainichi Jungle Nuttah - ピアノ男
07. Miura Freakin House - DJ酒井法子
08. マジコン音乐クラブ - ピアノ男
09. Sxxxx-Pxni vs Spring Noripi - DJ酒井法子
10. RE_ MINDER - DJ酒井法子

Japanese based producers, PIANOID & DJ Sakai Noriko team up together for one of the most outstanding albums of this week.
This album is comprised of 10 newish and oldschool influencial tunes covering a big variety of genres such as breakbeats, jungle & happy hardcore or even piano breaks.
Excellent result and both of them in full effect!
You can grab the album now by the price of ¥1,300 which is converted as £8.71 too.

イラスト: 梓 義朗さん


D J 酒井法子

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