Tuesday, 8 May 2018

[VMRDT109] DROMA - The Remix LP [Exclusive Juno Download Pre-Release Available To Purchase Now!!!]

1/ Warehouse (Original Mix). 
2/ Deceiver (RMS Remix).
3/ Dark Passenger (Uzi Remix).
4/ Demonic (Symptom & Parallel Motion Remix).
5/ Shut Up (Jaguar Paw Remix).
6/ DROMA & Cyanide - Space Turkey (Hektic Remix).
7/ Negative Phase (Kalm Remix).
8/ Trinity Killer (Parallel Motion Remix).
9/ Formalities (Asiety Remix).
10/ Deceiver (Badman) (Original Mix). 
11/ Dark Passenger (Original Mix).
12/ Demonic (Original Mix).
13/ Shut Up! (Original Mix). 
14/ DROMA & Cyanide - Space Turkey (Original Mix).
15/ Negative Phase (Original Mix).
16/ Trinity Killer (Original Mix).
17 Formalities (Original Mix).

After the release of DROMA's massive 'Dromatic' album last year, and subsequent 'Visionary' and 'Damaged Minds / Regulations' singles on Viral-Mental Records. DROMA revisits his past tunes and brings a whole host of the scene's most talented producers to deliver eight tearing drum & bass remixes alongside eight back catalogue classics and an exclusive new track with 'The Remix LP' hitting Juno Download now. 

Droma sets the ball rolling with his brand new track 'Warehouse', which eschews his more familiar neuro flavours for a more uplifting, euphoric vibe. As if drum & bass carried on oldskool rave's hands-in-the-air aesthetic, whilst avoiding any of it's cheesiness. Up next 'Deciever' recieves a truly roughneck, jungle remould by RMS, complete with gentle piano motifs which are expertly juxtoposed by heavyweight, pitched down amens and terrifying Resse bass drones.

Viral Mental regular, Uzi takes on a trip down to the murkier side of town with his stripped-down, scuttling percussion fuelled 'Dark Passenger' rebuild. Before the positively infernal 'Demonic (Symptom & Parallel Motion Remix)' initiates the listener into it's very own sinister, neuro-funk death cult.

Jungle dons, Jaguar Paw drop a relentless barrage of crisp breaks, 'Dread Bass' pulses and monstrous subsonic snarls on their menacing 'Shut Up (Remix)', which is closely followed by DROMA & Cyanide's 'Space Turkey' which receives a dark as sin, cavernous bass driven re-rub by the inimitable Hektic

'Negative Phase' is next on the list to be given an oppressive and skeletal, 2-step dub & bass makeover by Kalm that would make the likes of Ed Rush & Optical watch their backs. Parallel Motion takes on 'Trinity Killer' up next and takes it on a hard-hitting, upfront drum & bass journey, packed full of ten tonne kicks, razor sharp snares and growling bassline.

The last of the remixes follows next, with Asiety's minimalist, steppin' neuro tinged remix of 'Formalities', with it's inspired use of fragmented vocal snippets and filtered jungle breakdown. The rest of 'The Remix LP' sees all eight original versions of 'Deciever''Shut Up''Negative Phase', et al, sit alongside their remixed counterparts to perfectly conclude the album.

Whether you are a long time follower of DROMA's inimitable style, or a newcomer to his signature style of drum & bass. 'The Remix LP' is an essential addition to any jungle and D&B fanatics collection.

The DROMA 'The Remix LP' is be available to purchase now exclusively from Juno Download before going on general sale in 2 weeks time!!!

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