Monday, 30 April 2018

[XHR010] Deadly Nightshade - Entity [11-Track Album Available To Download Now + Limited Edition CD Pre-Order!!!]

1/ Intro.
2/ Oblisk.
3/ Twisted Love.
4/ Let The Music.
5/ Transcendence.
6/ Alien Uprising.
7/ Possessed.
8/ Salvation.
9/ The Chosen.
10/ The Entity.
11/ The Entity (Tech Piano Remix).

After hitting us with last years darkside magnum opus, 'Dark Journey', Deadly Nightshade and XTRAHard Records are back again with another stellar selection of energetic and eclectic breakbeat hardcore trax with the release of the massive 'Entity' album.

We are first lured into the the mayhem that lies ahead by the teasing, synth led 'Intro', before being pummelled by the intensely fierce 'Oblisk', which drops a myriad of brain twisting stab melodies over a bubbling, acidic bassline and crunching breaks. We are next introduced to a veritable hardcore symphony with 'Twisted Love', a heady blend of rolling amen breaks, orchestral stabs and razor-sharp mentasm riffs. 

Uptown's legendary 'Dope On Plastic' breaks are the order of the day on the hyper-kinetic 'Let The Music', a track which expertly combines tension fuelled piano notes with adrenalising stab patterns, which'll get any raver's feet moving on the dancefloor. 'Transcendence' delivers a spine-tingling series of female vocal snippets and mentasmic growls, over a 4/4 kickdrum and breakbeat combo to induce a vibe which teeters on the knife edge between euphoria and melancholia. 

Up next we experience a shift to the darkside with 'Alien Uprising' slowly irradiating the album with a menacing presence and it's companion piece, the 1993 styled hoover-fest 'Possessed' taking us on a full-on, unabashed trip into the darkness. 'Salvation' continues on with the pitch black, jungle techno ethos with it's fusion of pounding kicks, moody atmospherics and portentous movie dialogue. 

'The Chosen' sees us return back to the rave, albeit relentless and hard-hitting with it's use of electrifying Beltram-esque stabs, bell tolls and earth shattering bass riff. The album's self titled track 'The Entity' follows next in two alternate versions, the original mix, which effortlessly obliterates the listener with it's barrage of chaotic hardcore and jungle elements, and it's equally manic, yet more drop focused 'Tech Piano Remix'. A combination which brings the collection to a jaw-dropping, yet hugely satisfying climax.

The 'Entity' album sees Deadly Nightshade showcase his talent for delivering a wide spectrum of serious, cheese-free breakbeat hardcore with a modern twist. Which are sure to satisfy the needs for any fans of vintage Dave Charlesworth and The Prodigy. Don't just stand there. Get yourself a copy now!!!

The 'Enitityalbum is available to download now from Deadly Nightshade's Bandcamp page for £7.00, or more if you wish to support the label and artists to fund future releases. Extremely Limited Edition CD's are also available from the artist, so get in touch via Facebook if you want a physical copy!!!

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  1. A brilliant wkd album.....nice work DN, The Nastysqaud