Friday, 23 November 2018

[4TCR-EP02] Beeno, Stammers, Thibor - 3 Peas In A Pod [4-Track EP Available To Download Now From 4 The Core Recordings!!!]

1/ Beeno - Trip Dem.
2/ Beeno - The Ghostbuster.
3/ Beeno & Khyzer Zuke (Stammers) - In Heaven.
4/ Beeno & Thibor - Thanks.

Hot off the heels of the slammin' DJ Revive EP, 4 The Core Recordings are back with another quartet of breakbeat hardcore belters to set the rave alight, with the release of the '3 Peas In A Pod EP' from Kniteforce Radio regular DJ Beeno, alongside fellow K.F.R. cohorts Khyzer Zuke (aka Stammers) and Thibor

The man like Beeno opens up the collection with the tearing 'Trip Dem', a contemporary update on that 1992 breakbeat hardcore template which combines 180 mph, D&B amens with hardcore sampleadelica with nuff pilfering from the likes of classic house diva vocals right through to Ennio Morricone's iconic 'Chi Mai' melody.

Beeno follows up with a madcap, four-to-the-floor hardcore mashup of classic '80's paranormal comedy movie clips and uplifting, Jackie Wilson samples with... 'The Ghostbuster', which comes jam-packed with contrasting happy and dark jungle-tekno elements to catch out the unwary raver.

'In Heaven' sees Beeno join forces with Khyzer Zuke for a thundering slice of 1992-style breakbeat mentalism, complete with chunky beats, booming bass notes and a plethora of exhilarating stabs and rave riffs, as well as expertly implemented borrowings from vintage child safety ads and 'Everything Is Fine' vox from 'Dr Adamski's Muscal Pharmacy' LP.

Rounding up the collection we have Beeno & Thibor's 'Thanks', which takes us on a fill-on hardcore/('90's) jump-up jungle assault, where rolling amens do battle with thundering kickdrums, monstrous bass 'whoomps', ragga chatter and Dido (!?). Which despite sounding nigh on impossible to gel together effectively, it works a treat!

The 4 The Core Recording camp comes up with yet another inspired selection of genre-defying tracks from breakbeat hardcore's up and coming elite. If you seek the very best in boundary pushing hardcore, then you need this in your collection!!! 

The Beeno, Stammers, Thibor '3 Peas In A Pod' EP is available to purchase now from the official 4 The Core Recordings Bandcamp page for £6 in high quality digital format (320 MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc).

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