Tuesday, 31 July 2018

[QPR 001] Worldwide Epidemic - Present Versions Of the Past [Vinyl Crowdfund Reservations Available Now From Music Preservation Society!!!]

A1 - Peer Pressure.
A2 - Ravenous.
AA1 - Pulse 33.
AA2 - Q.I.

These recent years have seen a resurgence in the classic jungle techno musical style, with artists such as InnerCore Project, Fudalwokit, The Wize GuyzWorldwide Epidemic and original founding father, Ron Wells (aka Jack Smooth, 20 Hurts, Emotional Dials and member of iconic acts including Jack N PhilElectronic Experienced, Fast Floor, Smooth But Hazzardous, and many, many more) bringing the sound of deep synthesis and crisp rolling breaks back to vinyl. 

Worldwide Epidemic has been well known for his devotion to recreating those iconic, synth focused jungle tracks and has appeared on a whole host of vinyl labels in recent years (Criterion Records, Peace On Wax, 7th Storey Projects, Jedi Recordings, Myor Massiv / Diamond Life and Sound Entity Recordings to name but a few). In collaboration with the Music Preservation Society, vinyl crowdfunding platform, Worldwide Epidemic is proud to announce the debut release on his brand new Quantum Projects label,  the 'Present Version Of The Past' EP.

Sounding like it was coming straight from DJ  Ratty's dubplate stash circa '93/'94, opening track 'Peer Pressure' first hits you with a series of monstrous, synthesised pulses overlaid by a relentless techno drum pattern and hard-hitting bassline that'll get all j-tek fanatics moving on the dancefloor. 
Up next 'Ravenous' takes us deep into the realms of J-tek with it's use of spine-tingling pads and ascending / descending stab melodies, interwoven into a pounding 4/4 kickdrum driven, percussive backing which soon evolves into a gorgeous, bubbling breakdown.

The flip-side opens to the sublime sounds of 'Pulse 33', which lures the listener in with hypnotic synth riff and crisp breaks before unleashing a heavenly, pad driven drop guaranteed to get all hands raised aloft. 
Bringing the quartet to a close we have the cheekily titled 'Q.I.', a track which gives a respectful nod to a Basement Records anthem from early 1994, and delivers it's own 2018, contemporary update on that classic jungle techno blueprint.

Worldwide Epidemic has been consistently producing technically exquisite pieces of music, which not only excels in sonic craftsmanship, but also in dancefloor devastation, and this collection does not fall short. If you love beautifully crafted jungle techno on vinyl, then it's imperative for you to back this release!!! 

Pre-orders for Worldwide Epidemic's 'Present Version Of The Past' EP are available to purchase now, exclusively from the Music Preservation Society webstore for only £8.50 for early bird purchases, £10 (plus P&P) thereafter

This releases is currently awaiting a minimum of 150 pre-orders before being pressed to vinyl, and has 19 days left for pressing to go ahead. If you want to own this contemporary piece of jungle techno then please don't hesitate to get those pre-orders in now!!! 


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