Friday, 30 June 2017

KFCD06:: Various Artists - Vinyl Is Better 3 [CD & DIGITAL ON KNITEFORCE RECORDS]

01. Abyss - I'll Show You
02. Alex Jungle - Sticks Like Glue
03. TNO Project - Brainscan
04. Dj Doughboy - Come On
05. The Timespan - Music (Cru-l-t Revisit)
06. Nicky Allen - All Your Dreams
07. Dj Jedi - Frenzy
08. Gothika Shade - It Really Is
09. Idealz - Talk To Me
10. Paul Bradley - From The Underground
11. Vitality - Quicker & Dirtier
12. Shadowplay - A Taste For Silence

Who said that Vinyl Is Better even if its on CD format...? Insane title came back this year after 23 years on Vol.2 big compilation and followed by the very fresh Vol.3 this time.
Kniteforce Records unleashed one more quality release presenting 12 various tracks on a different approach to Hardcore!
"Vinyl is Better Vol.3" is out now available on CD and format version including tunes by Abyss, Alex Jungle, TNO Project, DJ Doughboy, Cru-l-t, Nicky Allen, DJ Jedi, Gothica Shade, Idealz, Paul Bradley, Vitality and Shadowplay.


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