Thursday, 30 March 2017

Multiple Species of Small Furry Animals Raving Together in a Warehouse and Grooving By The Bassbins

TARIQ ZIYAD from Free Breaks Blog and Strictly Nuskool Blog has put together a quality selection of Bass & Breaks warehouse tunes he loves mostly and the result is a ravey flavoured dish served blended for 3hrs duration.

Enjoy...and remember to show your love to the producers & labels involved!


Lefty D - The New Style (George Seragos To The Top Remix)
Tenacious - Acid
Turinno - Ad Astra
Dakar - Myself
Leo Aguiar - Dance For Me
Layton Giordani - Euphoria
Rowen Clark - Spaceship (Motion Sky Remix)
Eli Brown - The Herd
Aarin Fraser - Stranger Mind (Dub Mix)
Djoko - Stereotypes (Chicago Loop Remix)
Electrik Cat - Do You Know About Techno
A Most Wanted Man - People
Channel X - Unchained (Sante Sansone Remix)
Eli Brown - Blow Your Whistles
D Unity & Drunken Kong - At Night
Norff - Driver
Vinicius Honorio - Out For Blood
Uner - Dimension 6 (Philip Bader Remix)
2 Sides Of Soul - Next Trip (ME & Her Remix)
Mark Reeve - Let Go
Audio Assault - In The Mind

Hugcaro-La Vita Nuova
24K & Sevarge - The Power
Pete Graham & Donkie Punch - Frank Castle
Umek - Squadmates (Kostas Maskalides Remix)
Kincaid and SinĂ l - Ymir XIX
Primitive Soul - Wonderlist
Freestylers - Holding On
Mella Dee - Massimo (Horns Cru Mix)
P Ben - Greeting
Lucas - Touch Me
Matthew Craig - Happiness Happening
DJ Rave In Peace - 80mg
DJ Wislov - Space Break
Pursuit - Horny Raver
Neurygma & Wislov - Journey To A Perfect World
Gentleman Bastard - Dance Dance
The Ad Vanc3d - Below The Threshold

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