Thursday, 16 March 2017

DJ OVERDOSE - Hardcore Break Mix February 2017 + Bonus MIX

"So this mix officially starts off the 2017 releases. There were loads of tracks released this month as is usual for the time of year. All those producers poking away at their computers and gadgets in studios all nice and warm... My selections this month are of the usual breakbeat/jungle theme. Not as dark as things have been, and to cheer up all those happy heads in the winter months I decided to do a little half hour happy set Just goes to show the mix of tracks being made these days as well as the quality.

Tunes to note are a couple from Dave Nexus, who always has a very high standard of releases. As well as Gamma909 who has a few tracks on offer and Cocoina who also has set a very high bar in terms of jungle mania. DJ Wislov, Pursuit, Gareth M and Captain Raveman all added to the jungle feel of this mix.

Shouts this month and happy new yearz to Gunnes & Laura (Junglistic innit!), Rick and Ginny (Im comin' to London, lol), Monita & Monk, Glowkid, Jedi, and all the supporters, promoters, producers, movers and shakers!"


01 - Dread Knot
02 - DJ Wislov - Keep Alive
03 - Gamma909 - Tape Destroyer
04 - Pursuit - Feel The Heat
05 - The Prodigy - Charley (Indigo Virus Remix)
06 - Puffin' Billy - Weekend Warehouse
07 - DJ Nexus - Sounds Dope
08 - Langham - Darkness
09 - DJ Nexus - Siren
10 - Death In The Air
12 - Captain Raveman - Bomb The Bass
13 - Cocoina - Stay With The Wind
14 - Lavery - Jungle Battle #13
15 - Master Mash - Return Of The Psyco
16 - Gimme Ya Love
17 - Leonized - Listen For The Bassline (Breakbeat Scientist Remix)
18 - Staggerquake - I Got The Power
19 - Sparki Dee - Your Mum
20 - Ly Da Buddah - Beast Mode
21 - In The Beginning
22 - S.Kid & Sariuo - Got A Problem





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