Saturday, 6 August 2016

[RN028] Liquid Alliance - Liquid Alliance [Available To Download Now From Ravenoyz Recordings!!!]

1/ Hazme Soñar (Extended Version).
2/ Ecstasy Of Mayhem.
3/ One Step From Heaven.
4/ One Step From Darkness.

Two of Greece's most prominent breakbeat connoisseurs, Criterion Record's head honcho Alex Breako and DJ Wislovfounder of trailblazing, breakbeat hardcore label Ravenoyz Recordings join forces to form the Liquid Alliance to deliver four monolithic slices of deep and atmospheric, junglistic hardcore with the release of the 'Liquid Alliance' EP.  

The Liquid Alliance takes us on a journey to the deep-side with the epic 'Hazme Soñar (Extended Version)', which first introduces the listener to a series of spine-tingling piano melodies and dark chords before unleashing a veritable barrage of chopped amen breaks and haunting pads. We are then plunged deep into nuskool, jungle tekno territory with the menacingly sinister 'Ecstasy Of Mayhem', with it's invigorating fusion of pounding 4/4 kicks and rugged breakbeats, peppered with horror flick samples and expertly utilised, oldskool rave elements.

The latter half of the EP composes of a two part, darkcore set-piece beginning with the massive 'One Step From Heaven' which blends rugged, layered, jungle breaks with darkly ambient soundscapes and booming 808 bass pulses to devastating effect. Companion piece, 'One Step From Darkness' implements more dark hardcore flavours to the mix with it's restrained use of rolling breaks and thumping kicks combined with a drop that could easily have been mistaken from coming from a lost Formation Records classic from 1993.

Combining the talents of Alex Breako and DJ Wislov was destined to have been nothing other than a creative tour de force, so if you have a passion for dark and atmospheric jungle/jungle tekno, then the 'Liquid Alliance' EP will be the perfect attition to your collection. Essential tunes!!!

The 'Liquid Alliance' EP is available to download now from the Ravenoyz Recordings Bandcamp page for €4 or more if you wish to support the artists and label to create more music.

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