Friday, 25 March 2016

Blapps! Is Back (mix by DJ Aston)


1. Intro by Aston
2.Faster Than Fast by Jazzy Jason
3.The Sound (Blapps! Posse Remix) by Fast Eddie
4.Acid Thunder by Fast Eddie
5.DeeJays and Emcees (Blapps! Posse Remix)by Project X
6.Jail Break by Paradox
7.I Can't Live Without You by The Dynamic Guv'nors
8.Just A Break Freak by Break Freak
9.Bus' It (It's Time To Get Busy) by The Blapps! Posse
10.Vamp by Outlander
11.Do What U Want To by The Blapps! Posse
12.The Beat That's Hype by The Blapps! Posse
13.Acid Trax by Phuture
14.Rock The Discotheques by The Dynamic Guv'nors
15."I Have A Dream" (speech) by Martin Luther King
16.These Guys Are Doper Than Dope by The Dynamic Guv'nors
17.Revenge of the Ladies With an Attitude by Epitome of Hype
18.Energy Flash by Joey Beltram
19.Don't Hold Back(Backapella) by Blapps! Posse
20.Acid Party People by Pirate Jams
21.I Can't Stop (Blapps! Posse Remix) by Turntable Symphony
22.Double 99 by Ripgroove
23.Don't Hold Back 91 by The Blapps! Posse


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