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[JKF 01 + JEDI 09] Luna-C - Kniteforce Remastered : Luna​-​C Vol.1 + DJ Lien - R.V.S. EP [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Pre-Orders Open Now!!!]

A1 - Edge Of Madness.
A2 - Death Of A Psychopath.
B1 - Piano Progression.
B2 - I Know U (D'Cruze Remix).

From it's inception in 1993, DJ Luna-C's pioneering hardcore label, Kniteforce Records has stamped it's unique mark on the history of hardcore music. Right from the birth of hardcore, jungle and happy hardcore to it's current status as premier supplier of upfront, nuskool hardcore with a sideline in breakcore and drum & bass.
Hot on the heels of Luna-C's manic remix of DJ Jedi's 'Here It Comes', Jedi Recordings unveils the first in a series of official Kniteforce Records reissues, showcasing the very best and most sought after tracks on the label on vinyl, with the release of 'Kniteforce Remastered : Luna-C Vol. 1'.

Digging deep into the Kniteforce back catalogue from between the years of 1993-1994, the EP opens with two massive darkside classics from Luna-C. The tripped out 'Edge Of Madness', with it's legendary sinister vocal and the equally menacing and frantically drum-programmed 'Death Of A Psychopath'. Two tracks chock-full of eclectic samplage and fierce energy.

On the flipside we are introduced to the original Kniteforce anthem, 'Piano Progression', with it's deceptively dark intro which soon evolves into what would become the template for breakbeat, happy hardcore euphoria. Suburban Base Records'mainstay, Jay D'Cruze rounds off the EP with his manic, hip-hop infused hardcore relick of 'I Know U' to complete the lineup of an already immense selection of oldskool classics.

All tracks featured have been lovingly remastered from the original D.A.T. recordings by Chris Howell (Luna-C) himself, so whether you already have the original EP's, or are still to pick these up, then this will be the perfect opportunity to grab yourself a copy of breakbeat hardcore history courtesy of Jedi Recordings and Kniteforce Records!

The 'Kniteforce Remastered : Luna​-​C Vol.1' 12" vinyl EP is available to pre-order now from the Jedi Recordings Bandcamp store for the bargain price of £9.99 (plus Postage & Packaging) and  is expected to be ready for delivery in March 2016. The Luna-C EP is limited to only 200 vinyl copies, so better get your skates on before these disappear!!!

For digital copies of the Kniteforce Records back catalogue and sub labels make sure you check out the official Knitefoce Revolution webstore...

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A1 - I Did It For The Internet Rep.
A2 - Boom (Leigh Woodly Mix).
B1 - I'm Getting Too Old.
B2 - Spice (Oranjeboom Remix).  

Following the untimely passing of Back To The Oldskool forum regular, JSA Records owner and staunch raver, Neil Miller, aka DJ Lien in January Jedi Recordings in conjunction with Paranoid Recordings have chosen to commemorate his memory with the release of 'The R.V.S. EP' on 12" vinyl. Featuring four exclusive DJ Lien tracks on their first appearance on vinyl, and with all proceeds of the EP going towards Neil's favoured charity, the Royal Voluntary Service.

'The 'R.V.S. EP' kicks off with a slice of deep and spaced out jungle with Lien's 'I Did It For The Internet Rep' mix of a darkly euphoric, 1992 hardcore classic (to give you a clue, it features a 'dancing clown'!). Up next we are introduced to 'Boom (Leigh Woodly Mix)', a vigorous blend of 1992-style breaks, vintage TV dialogue and massive buzz-saw bassline to rattle your bass bins.

DJ Lien's last ever track, 'I'm Getting Too Old', which was due to be entered into the Back To The Oldskool / Its-All-About-Oldskool track making competition in January, opens up the B-Side in oldskool jungle fashion with frantic breakbeat edits, a killer, subsonic bassline and flashes of mentasm stabs to boot . Lien's tearing 'Orangeboom Remix' of DJ Infection's 'Spice' bookends the collection perfectly by delivering a fierce salvo of junglistic breaks and sci-fi flick samplage. 

In spite of the sad news of the passing of an oldskool (and nuskool) legend, it is safe to say that the spirit of Neil Miller/DJ Lien will live on through his music for years to come.

DJ Lien's 'The R.V.S. EP' 12" vinyl is available to pre-order now from the Jedi Recordings Bandcamp store for the bargain price of £7.99 (plus Postage & Packaging) and  is expected to be ready for delivery in April 2016. The 'R.V.S. EP' is limited to 100 vinyl copies only, so better get your skates on before these disappear!!!

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