Thursday, 3 September 2015

[SNBEP014] Strictly Nuskool Blog pres 'Marc OFX - Behind The Door EP'

The 14th digital release from the Strictly Nuskool Blog is out now driven by French producer MARC OFX and his d&b flavoured tune called 'Behind The Door' which is covered by 2 versions.
The first version includes Spanish vocalist Lady EMZ (who's also a dancer and performer, in live bands and freestylin' to Dj Sessions for more than 20 years, influenced and inspired by the Sound of Soul, Jazz, Liquid DnB, Dub, Funk, Blues, Trip-Hop/Downtempo, Soulful Dubstep) and second one with French Pascal Megal aka Sonfoo on the vocals, who's Marc's close friend, hailing from Guadeloupe, who prefers singing ragga or dancehall vibes!

Marc has already mentioned some words about his first personal SNB EP like:
"This was long to finish because i wanted it most perfect as possible for the quality of the samples and the final mix. what i wanted at the begining of the project was to get two different feat on the same track like is done in reggae and dance hall, but with d&b. The ep could'nt exist without Lady EMZ and Sonfoo.

Apparently this is the first time for Sonfoo to sing on d&b and very interesting for him. He recorded his feat at my home.

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