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[RARA 17] Various Artists - Sub Bass [Massive 28 Track Album Out Now On Red Alfa Records!!!]

1/ Babylon3 - Horsemouth.
2/ Alex Dex - Drop The Heat.
3/ armz - Roll With It.
4/ DJ Twisted - Ragga Breaks.
5/ Deadly Nightshade - Oh-Rush.
6/ Candary - Brain Damage.
7/ Dr Nothing - Headshot (Red Alfa Remix).
8/ Decibel Lecter - Feel It.
9/ United States Beat Squad  - Blissed Out. 
10/ Paul Cronin - Alrite.
11/ DJ Twisted - Don't (Remix).
12/ Exit Point - Dark Matter.
13/ Candary - Dropthabeat.
14/ Red Alfa - Evolution.
15/ Contaminated Rhythm - Algo Riddim.
16/ DJ Sideeffect - Warehouse Daze.
17/ Karmz & Paul Cronin - It's Different.
18/ Distrax Feat. C4Z - Getting Harder To Love You.
19/ Deadly Nightshade - Look Around.
20/ DJ Ruzt - I Got Dis.
21/ Paul Cronin - Run The Track.
22/ Carbone - Stop It.
23/ Blind Begga - Residental.
24/ Raket - Classic Technique.
25/ Electrik Substance - Forbidden Heights.
26/ Babylon3 - Incision.
27/ Warminstrel - Jungle Rudeness.
28 Distrax - Free Ya Soul.

Premier drum & bass label Red Alfa Records drops their latest and most ambitious project yet, the massive 28-Track album 'Sub Bass'. Featuring the talents of the most innovative, up and coming producers within the underground drum & bass, jungle and nu-skool, breakbeat hardcore scenes, the running theme of the 'Sub Bass' album is that of early nineties rave music and each track expertly draws from the rich melting pot of oldskool.

From the album's very beginning, the hypnotic bassline infused, jungle meets D&B opener 'Horsemouth' from Babylon3 and it's follow up from Alex Dex, the euphoric hardcore breaks companion track, 'Drop The Heat', it is clear that the oldskool rave attitude is still far from growing old gracefully. Karmz delves into some late '90's bass-bothering drum & bass next with 'Roll With It' which has a bassline to make Ed Rush & Optical jealous, whilst DJ Twisted drops some seriously twisted 'Ragga Breaks' complete with jagged rave stabs to rough up the dance nicely. If all that drum and bass is sounding a little to restrained for your ears, then Deadly Nightshade drops some aptly named, manic hardcore with 'Oh-Rush' to batter your senses closely followed by Candary who offers up a massive slab of hardcore-techno infused breaks with 'Brain Damage'.

Dr Nothing receives a bleeps & bass D&B remix from Red Alfa on 'Headshot' next, backed up by Decibel Lector's minimalist, bass heavy stepper  'Feel It' and United States Beat Squad's uplifting breaks track, 'Blissed Out' with it's lush, Orbital-esque synth melody. Paul Cronin picks up the tempo by unleashing a top slab of energetic hardcore breaks with 'Alrite' while DJ Twisted ropes in the vox of Afrika Bambaataa and the piano melody from Awesome 3 on his rave breaks anthem 'Don't (Remix). Things start to get a little dark, 1993 style with Exit Point's excellent ominous and moody 'Dark Matter' before venturing into heavy, kung-fu breaks territory on Candary's 'Dropthabeat'.

Red Alfa himself turns up a stabtastic hardcore breaks monster of a tune with 'Evolution', merging militant, Omni Trio style breaks and brain searing hoover riffs closely followed by Contaminated Rhythm's warped bass driven D&B belter, 'Algo Riddim'DJ Sideeffect's 'Warehouse Daze' not only samples the classic 'Jungle Techno' vocal from MC Mad P, but does an exemplary job of recreating the melting pot style of 1993 hardcore and junglism. Karmz & Paul Cronin join forces to meld oldskool and nuskool influences on 'It's Different' while epic, happy hardcore style synths soundclash with monstrous tech-step, growling bass on the massive 'Getting Harder To Love You' from Distrax with C4Z on vocal duty. Deadly Nightshade returns once again and offers up a huge slab of heavyweight hardcore breaks on 'Look Around' before we head back into deep jungle territory with DJ Ruzt's rolling, amenfest 'I Got Dis'.

Also returning to the fray is Paul Cronin with his roughneck jungle and hardcore rave 'Run The Track' which is succeeded by Carbone's thundering bassbin melter, the oldskool jungle themed 'Stop It'. The Blind Begga drops a gentle piano melody over stepping breaks and warm Reese bass on the stepping 'Residental' while 'Classic Technique' by Raket throws in some intricate amen choppage into the mix to create a complexly funky D&B number.

Electrik Substance offers up some vocal led liquid vibes on the lush 'Forbidden Heights' closely followed by 'Incision'a massive, offbeat jungle track by Babylon3 featuring some awesome, almost footwork style vocal experimentalism. The final two tracks from Warminstrel and Distrax closes the album in fine 1994 jungle style ('Jungle Rudeness') and rave influenced, uplifting D&B fashion ('Free Ya Soul') to prove that 'HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIE'. it just keeps evolving!!! 

'Sub Bass' is the perfect amalgamation of the oldskool rave attitude with modern musical styles and an essential addition to any breakbeat based music fans collection. Don't miss out on this one!

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  2. Dear people I loved the review of Sub Bass. Just one remark.
    Brain Damage is a Candary creation. Not a candaray. so it is misspelled . No harm done ;-) Greetings Candary ;-)