Monday, 27 July 2015

DJ Luna-C - Supaset 16 - Timewarp Volume One

"....The result is Supaset 16, The Timewarp set. The basic premise is this – if these artists were making these tracks today, how would they sound? If a 1992 Acen had been somehow given access to a 2015 studio, how would his track have sounded? I deliberately set myself aside as much as I could – I wanted to be a ghost of a producer, rebuilding the tracks but having no artistic impact.

I have tried to get as close to the originals as possible in every way possible. Some actually sound like I have magically pitched them up with no audio loss – these are the ones I am most proud of. Some differ from the originals because nowadays, you can either be 4×4 or breaks and bass. Back in the day, tracks often combined 4×4 and a bassline, which works with a light bassline, sort of, but absolutely would not work on the modern dance floor. So with some tracks, I had to make a choice which way to lean. It was important to me that the tracks could be played to a modern audience without compromising the original vibe.
I think I have done okay with that bit, the best I could do. "

Read full of his review/blogpost as posted on the official KF website here:

So this is the new Supaset 16 with Luna-C dropping a massive selection of oldskool vibes from big acts like Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era, NRG, Fat Controller, Baby D, The Prodigy and many more others. These tracks used on Supaset 16 are remade from scratch and offer much emotion and happiness! Amazing result from a skillful, beloved andf established man in the scene like Luna-C..
No more words as am currently on the 2nd time in the row listening to it.. so addicted!

Press 'PLAY' button and remember that.. He and We never lost OUR HARDCORE!

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