Saturday, 6 June 2015

[SBWS199] Sideflip - Raveheart [SUBWISE]

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Starting with the official description taken from Sideflip's VK page sayin:

"Nowadays there are a lot of things, that surround us and they change so fast. New inspirations, new feelings, new music. Especially music... People try to listen something they never heard before. There are thousands of new songs and artists appearing every month. But... We should not to forget where we came from. Not to forget how it all started. Not to forget what we belong to. Fuck the fashion. Fuck the mainstream. Fuck the future! Let's go back!"

Their fresh release is determined to take you back as promised from Russian duet Sideflip!
A fresh 12track Album titled 'Raveheart' is available on free download via 6yr old Russian label like SUBWISE. An amazing combination of oldskool electronic music like breakbeats, bigbeat d&b using also known rave samples and worked mentally by Sideflip who show respect to the Skool and showcase this 12track Tribute to the Electronic Dance Music!
For me personally everythings starts and finishes to the 1st track of this album, which is a cool breakbeat rework on The Prodigy's 'Death of the Prodigy Dancers' alongside various other tracks inside this album are prodigy-influenced too, as Russians have a unique relationship with the band all over these years and apart from that 'Experience' remains a masterpiece in Oldskool!

In conclusion, Mother Russia remains on high level and keeps the spirit alive surrounded my talented nu-rave warriors!

Get into 'Raveheart'!


Rate: 9/10
Fav Tracks: 'D.O.T.P.D.  - 'Freedom'  -  'To The Beat Now'  - 'Hype To Funk (ft. Spotovsky)'  - 'Bouncing Soul'



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