Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Those naughty Flash Cats are back with another EP of Old Skool Nu Skool goodness! You may have seen this about,it's on sale now,and if you don't know - it's time to get to know!


(Rate: 7/10)

Come Inside starts with the classic piano chords from an 80's pop track and some well known 90's Rave bootlegs! With lush build ups and filtered breaks,dropping into an awesome bouncy bassline that accompanys the piano nicely as it filters back into the track.Nice breakbeat rolling under the punchy kicks and snares. Then it's back to that big pianoline again with the titles "come inside" vocals,another build up,this time longer and teasing you more before the bass drops back on you!The bass and the piano both playing nicely together before switching to a bouncy bassline that accompanies the ol skool stab. This is a well made class happy nu skool roller!

This is by far the stand out track on the EP,revisiting a great and underplayed old skool underground anthem. track starts off with nice breakbeats before the punch and snare come in with that classic stab riff! classic vocal playing on top before dropping into that classic and dirty bassline! playing with the bassline enough to give it a modern sound but keeping that old skool vibe! Rolling into OMG!- that classic piano and vocal riff,this is proper hairs on the back of your neck business here! Back into that stab with a nice low sine sub before the dirt and the beat kicks back in,some nice playing with the vocal as a stab here also.Back into that hands in the air piano and vocal!rolling out to the end with the breaks this is a real feel good tune!

Rate: 6/10

Nice stabby bassline with classic breakbeats rolling until the sub and kick/snare combo drop.Rolling along into a crazy old skool riff then into a stabby bassline and old skool stab,drops into a lush old skool pad section with following sub and half tempo beats until after the snare roll kicking back in with the breaks ard a razor bass! Brings the stabs back and then returning to the original stabby old skool bassline and breaks rolling out to the end.

Overall a must buy EP of quality well made Rave tunes,Gotta Release and Come Inside especially making this EP essential. Tried and tested this does damage on the dancefloor!I've been dropping the tunes in my sets and they go down. I eagerly await the next lot of goodys from the Flash Cats as it seems they have pure fyah yet to release on us all!

Overal rating: 7/10


( reviewed by 2nzy for Strictly Nuskool Blog dj2nz@hotmail.com )

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