Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Paul Cronin 'In Tha Party EP' [DRED COLLECTIVE]

Rinse out Captain!
Paul Cronin is rushing since the day he started producing. One of the leaders & tune machines in the Nu-rave scene, based in Leeds, UK returns on his personal EPs this time on a friendly and hardworkin label like London's underground Dred Collective.

In Tha Party EP is a 5track release with uplifting elements and Captain Cronin more 'musically mature' than ever! All this music dish is dressed up with an amazing artwork, which will make you stuck for few minutes, staring it.
'Hold It' is the entry to the Rave world of this EP while 'Juxtapose' melodies and hot stabs are seriously sick! Third track of the EP ('In Tha Party') is a collaboration between Paul & Firefox Demon. FD is a new producer in the scene and great oldskool & nu-rave fan. His tunes are already outstanding and so good to see a such a mental result driven from both of them.
'Reverbarate's Class' steps on Cronin's frenzy skills and the rave war is still active!
Last tune 'You Gotta Find The Light' is remixed by Greek badboi Orestiz, one of the most talented hardcore breaks producers in the scene, who deserves your attention.
The original tune is a free download track from Cronin's soundcloud page [] and Orestiz gives that bboi funky pepper to it! Excellent!

Seems hard to me to rate this release as i've been listening to it several times while doing this post and I DO love all tracks one-by-one. So is it 8/10 ? 9/10? 10/10?
Whatever, the main thing is that its coming out from true & pure guys in the scene so needs your kind support!
Grab it now by the prince of £4 - click here 





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