Wednesday, 3 December 2014

"TOP 10 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (02DEC. 2014)

This week's showcase was totally Nu-Rave once again featuring fresh, promo, oldies and totally banging tunes in general covering from Hardcore Breaks to Jungle vibes!
Starting up with number 10 and a deep intelligent tech roller like 'The Age of Aquarius' from the Greek producer AlexBreako (owner of Criterion Records). This tune will be out on the greek nu-rave label White Tower Digi in about 2 weeks from now. Moving next to number 9 and a temasoooo piano breaks remix from established hcb act Neurygma on DJ Wislov's original track 'Dragonfly' part of the Dragonfly EP out now on Dig this one 5 essential tunes inside this release! Number 8 is owned to a talented Junglist like Msymiakos from Norway, who has also some greek roots and a BIG Amen Tribute to the legendary bouzouki musician Giorgos Zambetas from Greece. 'Δώστε μου ενα Αμην' is translated in greek like 'Give me an Amen'. Sick really and great result using some bouzouki and Zambetas vox samples. Get into it! Going to number 7, but remaining to this kind of Greek spirit as Motiv (GR) deliver a sensational d&b gem like 'Come Alive', which takes a 140 dopeness by Orestiz. Watch out the drop on this one! 
 USBS, after entering the top 6 remixes on DJ Fat Controllers 'In Complete Darkness Remix Contest', he's focusing on the hard work, preparing some forthcoming stuff for Hardcore Lives Records. One of them is 'Electrotronic' which was featured on 11th November's GenX show and now 'Free' is a new promo of him and also an uplifing roller, which will set you freeee and reach you up to the sky! Number 5 is a 6yr old tune like 'Make a Move' from Motiv's ex project called Rememberrave, which was the pioneer act in the hcb genre in Greece along with Orestiz. Props to Stam, Vasilis and Orestis and every local spirit, who's feeling it!
Number 4 is a mental jungle anthem like 'All of a Sudden' from Canada's junglist DJ Rolling Paper aka DayLife905. Class vibe!! Number 3 is dedicated to a well known Nu-Rave tune machine, captain Paul Cronin who's style is getting bigger day by day and C'mon GOOOOO..ya names not down..everybody in the place! Sick mashupin! In other words it's a fresh dish coming out from Paul's kitchen with a strict rule to dance ONLY.
Last 2 tunes to display come from one of the most respected, established and talented producers/djs and members in the Nu-Rave scene, the man like Nefti from Poland who's style is unique and adorable really! And...Anyone wondering who that Rave Force is? Well..a kind of a more Hardcore Breaks aspect from Nefti..
- "Why Did You Suddenly Disappear?" 
- " Cos Music is my Life" can be a perfect question-answer to the dancefloor! Massive tunes that are stuck to head & heart!! 

TOP 10

(GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio - 2nd Dec. 2014)

10. AlexBreako - The Age of Aquarius [WHITE TOWER DIGITAL]
09. DJ Wislov - Dragonfly (Neurygma Remix) [SONIC FORTRESS]
08. Msymiakos - Δώστε μου ένα Αμήν (Tribute to Giorgos Zampetas)
07. Motiv - Come Alive (Orestiz 140 Mix) [WHITE TOWER DIGITAL]
06. United States Beat Squad - Free [HARDCORE LIVES RECORDS]
05. Rememberrave - Make a Move
04. Rolling Paper - All of a Sudden
03. Paul Cronin - C'Mon Go 
02. Nefti - Music Is My Life (Rave Force Remix) [INTENSIVE RECORDINGS]
01. Nefti - Why Did You Suddenly Disappear [PARANOID RECORDINGS]

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