Wednesday, 31 December 2014

GL0WKiD's End of Year 2014 Review

Last day of the year today and lots of good things to remember during this buzzing 2014..

Starting up with couple of great guests, producers/DJs/label managers who were hosted on my weekly radio show (Generation X) like Nefti, DJ Nee, Hamsta, DJ Rave in Peace, Mana Boom , DJ Casketkrasher, and showed off their skills and talent along with unreleased material of their own. Much appreciation and respect to them and their whole work so far for the movement!
Apart from some radio interviews on the show there were also some interesting ones with the mighty DJ Fav and Yell-O-Phase for the duties of the Strictly Nuskool Blog as worth mentioning.

Around late April 2014 i had one of my best moments ever and no doubt, the No.1 highlight of this year, as my show got nominated in the Top 5 Radio Shows on Breakspoll - International Breakbeat Awards!
I'd like to THANK once again all one by one for having voted me in the category "Best Radio Show" and Big Ups go to every supporter, producer & label manager wordwide, who appreciate and truly feel what i've been doing all these years. It's for real!
Respect goes to all oldskoolholics & nu-ravers from various rave nations like UK, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Bolivia, Spain, US, Sweden (few to mention) who are into the spirit of the show. (you know who you are..!) 

Nu-Rave Radio, a great chapter in the Nu-Rave scene was finally closed around summertime of 2014 and all NR crew moved to a new home like Planet Rave Radio offering from there their services as servants to the Nu-Rave and Future Jungle scene. Really happy joined myself in the PR team and still being a part of this big nuskool hardcore & jungle company spitting the GenX weekly buzz.

Can't forget tho, my last showcase @ Nu-Rave Radio, which was an essential tribute celebrating 20 years of the legendary 'Music For The Jilted Generation' album from The Prodigy. Words are really unnecessary for this 140min showcase of energy and emotion.... Njoyed it a lot doing it and got great feedback from ant-warriors and jilted voodoo people from all over the world!

Regarding to the Strictly Nuskool Blog stuff, was a really successful year with highlights like the 1st Album launch 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.1' and couple of EPs which will be followed by Vol.2 Album and more EPs during 2015 so watch this space and subscribe your e-mail on the main website to be next to every freshness coming out.
The year 2014 had some multiplied great reviews and all updates covering these nuskool Hardcore & Jungle sounds with the likes of the most essential producers/djs/label managers/ in the scene. Props once again to my partners 'in the nu-rave crime' like Tariq Ziyad and Breakbeascientist for all the effort and work on this Blog.

Next year will be bigger and more rave than ever, just wishing you all to remain strong and smiley, cos smiling is something rare these days in our hard life living.. Music is the solution to every problem, don't avoid it.

...And of course Oldskool never died, just renamed to Nuskool!
Happy 2015 to all !  :)

Special Shouts out to:
Nefti, Vitality, Danny (The Prodigy Fanboy), Retropolis, Paul Cronin, Bad Boy Pete (Champion Breaks), DJ Rave In Peace, DJ Wislov, USBS, DJ Owl, Tjamil, Pursuit, Shu from Mana Boom, Abyss, Damage Inc., Amit and all Greek nu-rave crew like Motiv, Orestiz, Tony, AlexBreako, The Physicist

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