Monday, 23 June 2014

Strictly NuSkool Blog Podcast 005-Tariq Ziyad

Summers here and its time for a summery podcast of ravey goodness and uplifting beats!!!!!
  1. Kev Bird-This Is A Trip (Sparki Dee's Back To 92 Remix)
  2. DJ Rave In Peace-What Do You Love
  3. DJ Fav-Energizer 1 (HWND Re lick)
  4. DJ Sashay-Underground Culture
  5. Abyss-Flying High
  6. MindTransit Ft Nicolette-Wave Of Euphoria
  7. Gimme A Break (Avro Dreamcatcher mix AVRO
  8. Ramos, AJ & Deanne - The Journey Part III (Harmonee's 'Back To The Roots' Mix)
  9. Indigo Virus-Woah Iz Me
  10. DJ Fav-Don't Worry Son
  11. Tracker Attacker - Dance Your Arse Off
  12. Mischievous Mashups - London Town is Rioting Down
  13. Nicky Allen-My Adrenaline (Remnant Remix)
  14. Mastergroove - Cold Fresh Air
  15. Hamsta - The Stopper
  16. Jdubz - So Real Reminisce

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