Tuesday, 22 April 2014

[KOR015] Subessence - Journey Through Vibrations (Forthcoming 28/04/2014)

1/ Crossroads.
2/ Pennelopes Diary.
3/ Symbols.
4/ There After.
5/ Distant Rhythms.
6/ Translation.
7/ Expression.
8/ Introductions.
9/ Autumn Leaves.
10/ Personal Reflection.
11/ Lost The Way.

A change of pace to our usual Strictly NuSkool Blog, 160 BPM tempo releases here. Presenting to you a different style from our usual fare. Kut Off Records pulls out all the stops for their 15th release to bring you their first full length, artist album from music production duo, Subessence'Journey Through Vibrations'.

An 11 track collection of relaxed and soothing dub sounds and styles. Veering from lushly down-tempo, ambience as demonstrated by 'Personal Reflection' with it's poignant guitar licks on 'There After', to smooth, 2-step garage infused dubstep, like the warm and sophisticated 'Symbols'.
'Distant Rhythms' conjures up memories of smoky hazed, chill-out sessions while 'Translation's 'ticking clock' bleeps sets your mind to a contemplative state.
However the standout track for me just has got to be the absolutely gorgeous sounding 'Pennelopes Diary' which heavily features haunting Middle Eastern flutes and sumptuous female vocals over driving dub beats. Gorgeously atmospheric.

If you appreciate the sounds of Nightmares On Wax, 4 Hero, MJ Cole, Boards Of Canada and Massive Attack, then prepare for Subessence to provide you with the perfect soundtrack to forthcoming balmy Summer nights.           

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