Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Strictly NuSkool Blog PODCASTS - SNB001 - Tariq Ziyad

I had intended to put together a podcast for the blog for quite a while, finaly got the inspiration, the tunes came together with a nice flowing and varied selection, new and old but gold, nearly 24 years on, the sound of hardcore and jungle as it was in the golden era is still alive and well, a few tweaks here and there and maybe not as raw and experimental but if you loved the old skool sound, theres no doubt you will love the NuSkool sound and appreciate it for what it is, hope you enjoy the selection, its free to stream and download and special thanks to all the artists and labels that featured.


  1. Broke & Twisted -I Want UR Love
  2. Paradox-A Certain Sound (Skanx 140 Remix)
  3. RenegadeGenius -Dark Soon (Simon Harris Remix)
  4. Strange Rollers -Killa Of Sound
  5. Boss T-Feelin’ It
  6. Strangenotes & The Mol-Bastards Know
  7. Void - No Stoppin’ (Avro’s Back To 92 Remix)
  8. DJ Nee -Good Time (Bat Beat Mix 2011 EQ)
  9. Nexus & Blowback -Take Me Higher (Clean Whiskas 2013 Remix)
  10. DJ Flow - Say That You Want Me
  11. Schoco - Far Beyond Driven
  12. Leonized-The Beginning Of The End (DJ Fuzzbuzz Remix)
  13. Sub Fusion -Psychotic Bleeps
  14. The Flashback Project -31 Seconds
  15. Hyper On Experience - Lords Of The Null Line (Bright Lights Remix)
  16. Original Sin-Air Raid
  17. Systec & Powerman –Condor
  18. Manix –Riprize
  19. Stormski - Are You Ready
  20. ESP -Spread Love (DJ Vapour Remix)
  21. Nefti -Hold Me
  22. Nicky Allen Brothers & Sisters
  23. Galvatron - Coffee Shop Killer

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