Friday, 27 September 2013

Go With The Glow [nu-rave hardcore mix] - FREE DL

Anything about the hardcore present in an oldskool mode..
Njoy my latest glowmix (celebrating 300 followers on my Soundcloud page) including hardcore/rave breaks/breakbeat hardcore and few dark riffs, nu-rave/nuskool mix with some of the most talented names of the scene!


STRANGER ROLLERS - Bring Me A Fat 9ty One
DJ GOMY & DJ COTY - Kickin' In The Beat
UNISON - In Hell Breakbeat As Well
DJ WISLOV - Criminal Beat
DJ SEDUCTION - On My Own (BFresh & DJ Slim remix)
OSCAR TG - Twisted by Nature (Champion Breaks remix)
ALEXBREAKO - Duck & Jelly
MOBY - Go (Nicky Allen remix)
DJ FLOW - Oldz Kool
CZECH 1_2 - I'm Chucky And I'm Fucking Infamous
DJ NEXUS - Weba's Wax
DJ MARK C - In 2 The Groove
DJ PURSUIT - Mind Controller
VOCATION - Equilibrium (RyKennon 2012 remix)
LANKYMAN - Epicness (rave edit)
PAUL CRONIN - Raver Come Alive


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