Sunday, 25 August 2013

Paul Cronin-Space And Time EP-San Francisco Nights


Paul Cronin is back with a mighty boom for a fresh new EP featuring 5 prime cuts of his 1992 hardcore inspired sound and we're loving it!!!! The golden rave era style sounds commence with the excellent title track with Nebula II style pads while my personal favourite 'Raver Come Alive' kicks off with a cool 8 bit video game style intro before exploding into some 160BPM techno pads and crunching amen breaks awesomeness!!!! 'My Chant' is the most experimental tune utilising the Monk chants as per Enigma's 'Sadness Pt 1' but in a tearout amen break fashion. 'Expanded' is signature Paul Cronin raveyness at 150BPM and 'C'Mon Now' takes the tempo down for a late 91/early 92 style rave techno banger. Quality sounds all round and if you love your NuSkool then you don't want to sleep on this!!!!

Follow the soundcloud links to buy the tracks, exclusive to for the next 3 weeks then available from all good download stores, please support our artists who give away loads of free music week after week, your support is what helps the scene to grow, if nothing else, we humbly request anyone reading this post can share and tweet it to their friends and followers....

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