Sunday, 18 February 2018


Do you remember 00s label Hardcore Beats? Well in any case you would love to have an ideal and proper mix of its back catalogue, you should take a listen to Kidson's recent podcast which is totally dedicated to the mighty label originally founded by DJ Deekline around 17 years ago
So check out some words below by Kidson talking about his new mix:

" Within this podcast I find myself creating a mix of pure Hardcore Beats Releases. Very much like my Cut & Run Podcast #22, this label played a big part in my love of the Breakbeat, most of the tracks I’ve chosen I played out in clubs at the time and pushed this label quite hard and used to stock releases in my shop for quite a few years.
I’ve decided to upload this podcast without any speech / audio from myself. It’s a much more relaxed mix allowing the track to play unlike my older Breakbeat mixes online. For me at that time I mixed out of a track within a few minutes and a chilled mix never crossed my mind."


01. HB050-A DaVip - Brick
02. HB023-A Ctrl Z - Chemistry
03. HB036-C StereoType - Balls To The Wall (StereoTypical Pt.II)
04. HB038-B StereoType - Burnout Ft. VENT And Bex Riley
05. HB044-A Vent - Feedback
06. HB052-C Kid Digital feat. Profit - Done With That
07. HB057-A Teddy Killerz - The Exorcist
08. HB018-A Ctrl Z Vs Screwface - Kung Fu Funk
09. HB036-A StereoType - Bangers And Mash Ft. Foreign Beggars
10. HB024-B Ctrl Z And Affinity And Trespass - Mainline
11. HB026-X Ed209 - The Man
12. HB027-A Affinity - Break
13. HB021-A Ed209 And Ken Mac - Hell Yeah
14. HB017-B Ctrl Z Vs Screwface - Dar Licks
15. HB024-A Affinity - The Andromeda Strain
16. HB037-A StereoType - Under My Skin Ft.Tali
17. HB024-VIP Affinity - The Andromeda Strain VIP
18. HB038-A StereoType - Dusk Til Dawn Ft Wizard And Spyda And Foreign Beggars
19. HB032-A Wavewhore - More Life
20. HB055-A Imetic - RAAH
21. HB031-A Vent - Encoded
22. HB049-A Afghan Headspin - Acid Signal
23. HB020-A Ctrl Z Vs Screwface - Stereo Typical

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