Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Introducing:: ESPR (UK)

One of the sections that really stands out on our Blog is this one, aiming to introduce new acts, labels & producers to the world of Nu-Rave. This time we got a producer 'born' in yesteryear's late days with a smashing digital debut single called 'Terminatah'.
His project is called ESPR and he's based in UK. We got in touch with him for some more extra information about his project, which is very aspiring and much promising.
Label managers, you better keep an eye on this machine please.

"I produce other styles of music but I wanted to make rave/hardcore music when I began producing but didn't know how. I sometimes listened to artists like Prodigy and SL2 and other rave music from that era when I was young. When I started out producing I was going to raves but couldn't quite get the sound I wanted to make. Once I got closer with the production side of things...it was like I'm not really at raves these days but still wanted an outlet to vent all my dance music haha. I want to make something with that same energy but try and make something new."

ESPR has already released two EPs, available on Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify characterised by the element of energy as he says above and tough breakbeats that evoke Oldskool memories.

"This may not be interesting but I didn't really have any special gear that I used for this - it was mostly my computer, headphones and a little keyboard. I used a larger piano/keyboard for some parts I actually wanted to play live, such as the piano on 'I Fly' - I played it at a slow tempo, layered and mixed with another piano plugin then sped it up to the actual tempo of the track. I will try and get more ESPR releases done now. Thanks to everyone supporting me so far."

Check out some of his tracks above and follow/suppoort him on the links underneath


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