Saturday, 7 July 2018

V.A. - BACK TO BASS Vol.5 [36 HERTZ]

01. SR – We Enter
02. Delphi Productions – See The Devil
03. Indigo Virus – Signals
04. Jem One – Textures
05. DJ Vapour – 92 93 94
06. Zippy – And I Know
07. Fringe – Music
08. Skru – Angra Dub
09. NC17 – Jason Never Dies
10. Coolhand Flex – Velocity
11. Vince Rollin – Obsession
12. Sub Fusion – Reverse Psychosis
13. Sanz – Chat bout
14. DJ Vapour – Only Ze Smellz

2008-2018. Ten years of hard work and quality work within the Drum & Bass and Jungle scene by DJ Vapour and his very own imprint 36 HERTZ Recordings.
And now after 2 years of working on an album project its time to be unleashed the long awaited 5th volume edition of 'BACK TO BASS' infamous series of 36 Hertz.
It's out now and available digitally comprised of 14 absolute bass in your face slams made by the dream team of DJ Vapour, Jem One, Coolhand Flex, NC17, Vince Rollin, Fringe, SR, Delphi Productions, Indigo Virus, Sanz, Zippy, Skru and Sub Fusion!

Once again it fills any gap with proper Drum & Bass/Jungle style and noteworythy the fact that it has also been featured on BBC Radio 1 by Rene Lavice. Specifically 'Music' by Canada based Hardcore Junglist Fringe.

'BACK TO BASS Vol.5' is all you need with the likes of a legend like Coolhand Flex to label manager Vapour or new talented and aspring producers like Greek based Skru, or Sanz and Sub Fusion alongside 36 well known suspects Jem One, SR or Indigo Virus & Delphi Productions.
So, if you're a Drum & Bass fan and love some hot breakbeats with heavy basslines this one's totally recommended for you!


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