Monday, 18 December 2017

[SNBEP023] 7J - Hot Thing [Free 8-Track Mini-Abum Download @ Strictly NuSkool Blog!!!]

1/ Travel Inside.
2/ Dorothy.
3/ Awake.
4/ Red Pill.
5/ Let's Go.
6/ Call Me (Tweet Remix).
7/ Try It Before You Die (feat. Phil Saul).
8/ Hot Thing.

For the twenty-third Strictly Nu-Skool Blog release we are honoured to present to you the brand new mini-album, 'Hot Thing' from multi-talented producer 7J. The album features eight heavyweight drum & bass tracks spanning a variety of sub-genres and styles whilst paying tribute to those mid/late nineties, classics that formed the foundation of the D&B genre.

The album first introduces us to a trio of the dark, futurist jazz and bass tracks with 'Travel Inside' setting the tone with it's combination of moody Rhodes notes and hard hitting 2-step breaks, closely followed by 'Dorothy' which layers monstrous synth growls contrasted by smooth liquid elements. 'Awake' completes the jazz and bass trilogy, dropping languid piano melodies and freestyle vocal snippets over harsh bass notes and stepping breaks to devastating effect.

The pace soon picks up with 'Red Pill'  which pairs frantic and relentless, live-style percussion with deep bass throbs and ominous, processed male speech. The epic 'Let's Go' takes us on a hyper-kinetic, tech-step trip where militant breaks do battle with a rasping bassline and repeated vocal refrains. 7J then showcases his remixing skills with his heavyweight overhaul of R&B diva, Tweet's 'Call Me', by adding a deadly fusion of 'Humpty Dump' breakbeat backbone and low frequency Reese notes.

'Try It Before You Die' re-injects some soul to the album with it's incorporation of Phil Saul's deep baritone vocals over a rolling, funk flavoured drum & bass backing. The album concludes with the title track, 'Hot Thing', which tips it's hat to Blue Note era, techstep pressure with it's frenetic, battering ram drum programming and oppressive industrial atmospherics.

Whether you are a fan of organic, yet nonetheless hard-hitting jazz flavoured drum & bass, or unrelentingly harsh techstep, 'Hot Thing' will satisfy all your musical needs!!!

7J's 'Hot Thing' mini-album is available to download FOR FREE! from the Strictly NuSkool Blog link below. Big respects to 7J for presenting this release for the S.N.B. label.

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