Thursday, 26 October 2017

V.A. - 9 Circles of RAVE [27track Album out on SUCK PUCK RECORDZ]

Artwork by AJENT LIDA

When it's about Odessa, then words are useless, as these guys over there are forever resilient and full of creativity to the evolution of neo-rave field. Especially if you've ever heard of its original dwellers and devoted sons like Fat Frumos or AleX Tune, who keep on spinning chaotic stuff!
So, Ukraine's finest neo-rave label, SUCK PUCK RECORDZ, proudly presents an ultimate and immense 27track compilation of Acidcore, Ravecore, Speedcore, Breakcore sounds including an amazing lineup of well known artists, therefore we have an incredible result worth getting views, plays and your support at most.
SUCK PUCK Crew celebrates 9 years in the game, aiming to set up physical releases in the near future, thus you can show your love by purchasing this huge album by 4 quid only.
Ridiculous price for an album like that... Go for it!


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