Sunday, 29 October 2017

DJ Mark C - Only The Headstrong Need Apply - Vinyl Mix (October 2017)

After a couple of months, one of the best representers of Dark Hardcore sounds as well as a vinyl lover, the man like DJ MARK C, has returned offering a strictly vinyl mix digging into his huge collection. Let's take it 25 years back then...
Enjoy the session and feel free to share it all around the globe.


DJ Freeze - star trek V1
Code 4 - ecstasy
Oral B EP
Summer vibrations EP
Code 4 - code 4
The Tranquil One- dance to the music
THC EP - feels so good
Reel 2 Reel - back to attack vol 2
Boomtown Productions - energize
NASA Project
Tony B - DJ question
Noise Engineer - rock the place
Ruff Rider - shaggy riddems EP
Asmo - rushamuffin EP
Hardcore Rhythm Team ??????
??????????? ID ???
Kay 9 - crazy man
Diplomat -here comes mongo
Burning chrome - power move
Eastern Promise EP
Dance Floor Studio - Intellex
Dub Core Vol 1


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