Monday, 5 June 2017

Wislov - The Sound Of My Silence [5-Track EP Available To Download Now From Ravenoyz Recordings!!!]

1/ The Sound Of My Silence (Mix 1).
2/ The Sound Of My Silence (Mix 2).
3/ 31 Seconds.
4/ Psychedelic Sex.
5/ There Is No Prophet In His Land (Ravenoyz Version).

The original Tenerife, hardcore warrior, Wislov is back again inject another adrenalising dose of authentically oldskool styled, breakbeat hardcore tracks with the release of the five track 'The Sound Of My Silence' EP on Ravenoyz Recordings.

The EP kicks off with the epic, hardcore symphony,  'The Sound Of My Silence (Mix 1)', a nine minute combination of emotive pianos, sweeping pads, pitched up female vocals hip-hop snippets layered over a classic rave breakbeat and pulsating bass notes. 'The Sound Of My Silence (Mix 2)' offers a slightly streamlined take on it's companion piece to offer an alternative for the DJ's out there.

Up next, '31 Seconds' takes us into darkside hardcore with it's blend of heavyweight beats, frantic stabs and deep bassline accented with iconic vocal samples and is closely followed up with the manic 'Psychedelic Sex', which follows a 1992 rave template taking inspiration from the choicest of oldskool breaks, samples and vocal elements.
To round off the EP Wislov drops an intense stab-fest of a closing tune in the form of 'There Is No Prophet In His Land (Ravenoyz Version)', an evocatively moody hardcore revamp of last year's classic.

If you are looking for intricately crafted breakbeat hardcore, with an unmistakable oldskool edge, then Wislov more than delivers with his latest collection of beats. Don't miss out on this one!!!

Wislov's 'The Sound Of My Silence' EP is available to download now from the official Ravenoyz Recordings Bandcamp page for €5, and if you are new to the label, then you can take advantage of the exclusive 85% Ravenoyz Recordings Back Catalogue Deal for €25.26 (or more if you wish to support the artists and label!) - that's nearly 50 singles, EP's and albums!!!.

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