Sunday, 18 June 2017

GL0WKiD's Gen X Radio Show "Unity In The Sun 2017" Special. Featuring Interviews With Ratpack, DJ Vibes, Fat Controller, Billy Daniel Bunter, (13/06/17)

The Strictly Nuskool Blog's very own resident hardcore ambassador, GL0WKiD presents his in depth expose of 2017's seven day ravefest, Unity In The Sun held in Kavos, Corfu from the 28th May to the 3rd of June. 
The event featured events held by iconic rave promoters including Fantazia, Jungle Fever, Kool FM, Raindance, 2000AD, Vibena, Desire and Music MondaysAnd included a mammoth lineup of hardcore and jungle legends such as Slipmatt, Nicky Blackmarket, Altern 8, Jumping Jack Frost, Liquid, Rachel Wallace, DJ Sy, Kenny Ken, Vinyl Junkie2 Bad Mice, Kenny Ken and The Ragga Twins to name but a few.

GL0WKiD links up with oldskool legends Evinson Allen and Lipmaster Mark, aka Ratpack, DJ Vibes, Fat Controller and Billy Daniel Bunter who give an exclusive insight into their Greek rave experience, as well as hint at what plans they have lined up for the future.

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