Tuesday, 27 September 2016

[RN034] Various Artists - The Best Of Ravenoyz Crew [Available To Download Now From Ravenoyz Recordings!!!]

1/ Gentleman Bastard - After The Music Has Stopped.
2/ Nicky Allen - Just Don't Care.
3/ Pressure - Sunday (End Of Week Mix).
4/ Nayim - Party Time.
5/ Liam T - Incredeable Bass.
6/ Neap Tide - Itrim.
7/ Rockstead-E - Like This.
8/ Yell-O-Phase - Noise!
9/ Wislov - Illegal Rave.
10/ DJ Men - Come Home.

Ravenoyz Recordings take us back to the heady dayz of rave where euphoric piano melodies and diva vocals meshed seamlessly with rugged breakbeats and thunderous basslines, with release of 'The Best Of Ravenoyz Crew' album. Featuring a brand new collection of 1992-1994 style breakbeat hardcore tracks from ten of the hottest producers on the underground, hardcore breaks scene.

The Gentleman Bastard kicks things off with his moody, 'Anasthasia' stab fueled slice of headstrong hardcore, 'After The Music Has Stopped' which is closely followed by Nicky Allen's funkadelic, vocal sample-fest 'Just Don't Care'. Pressa enters the fray next with the proto-jungle style, piano anthem that is 'Sunday (End Of Week Mix)' which is then joined by Nayim's euphoric, Production House inspired 'Party Time'.

We enter the realms of hardcore and junglism with Liam T's roughneck, ragga-tinged 'Incredeable Bass' before things get switched up to a breakneck speed, happy hardcore pace with Neap Tide's 200mph 'Itrim'. Rockstead-E's uplifting, breakbeat hardcore epic 'Like This' takes us on a soaring, pad driven ride which flows nicely into Yell-O-Phase's mentasmic, industrial flavoured 'Rave.. Noise!'.

Ravenoyz label boss, Wislov takes the helm next with 'Illegal Rave', a potent melting pot of breaks and bleeps which leads us to the album's conclusion with DJ Men's gloriously melodic slice of breakbeat hardcore, 'Come Home'.

The Ravenoyz Recordings crew come up trumps with this fresh selection of authentically oldskool sounding hardcore tracks, ranging stylistically from bass heavy 1991 style rave to hectic paced, 1994 style, uplifting breakbeat numbers. If you love your oldskool with a nuskool twist then don't hesitate! You need this in your collection!!!

'The Best Of Ravenoyz Crew' album is available to purchase now exclusively from the Ravenoyz Recordings Bandcamp page for only €7 (or more if you wish to support the artist and label), and is available to download in any audio, digital format you could possibly desire.


Follow the artists featured on the Soundcloud links below... 

DJ Men... https://soundcloud.com/djmen82
Gentleman Bastard Kam... https://soundcloud.com/gentlemanbastard
Liam T... https://soundcloud.com/liam-taylor-36
Nayim... https://soundcloud.com/nayimdj
Nicky Allen... https://soundcloud.com/user-311794413
Pressure... https://soundcloud.com/pressure-spirals
Rocksted-E... https://soundcloud.com/djrocksted-e
Wislov... https://soundcloud.com/mrwislov
Yell-O-Phase... https://soundcloud.com/yop-2-1

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