Monday, 22 February 2016

[Inner Minds Recordings] Crease & Reen - Pressure [3-Track Digital Download Available To Purchase Now!!!]

1/ Wait Deh Man.
2/ Torpedoed.
3/ Ganga Farm Dub.

For the latest offering from Inner Minds Recordings we are presented with three tearing, oldskool jungle influenced tracks from newcomers to the label, DJ Crease and Reen with their mighty 'Pressure' EP.

The EP kicks off with to the sounds of 'Wait Deh Man'skanking intro, before launching into a fusion of rumbling sub-bass pulses, dueling breakbeats, ragga chat and air horn blasts to create a minimal, yet head-nodding anthem. 
The intense, yet chilled 'Torpedoed' features next which sees rapid-fire amen breaks and dub reggae drum rolls do battle with gorgeous, droning pads and bubbling bass throbs. 
'Ganga Farm Dub' closes things off in a tear-out fashion, by merging heavyweight, pitched down amens and sound system bothering bassline with classic ragga samples and weed championing lyrics.

Crease & Reen successfully deliver three very different and authentic, oldskool jungle themed tracks with the 'Pressure' EP, and are certainly artists to look out for if you love that classic jungle sound!

Crease &  Reen's 'Pressure' EP is available to buy from from the Inner Minds Recordings Bandcamp page for a measly $2, however if you are feeling generous and wish to further support the artists and label you can donate more if you wish!

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