Monday, 18 January 2016

[WJS 002] Fathom - Mindkiller / Quest [Available To Download From All Good Wicked Jungle Records Stockists 19/01/16]

1/ Mindkiller.
2/ Quest.

After the success recent of debut album 'Wicked Jungle Vol 1', the Wicked Jungle Records crew are back again with their latest release from Fathom who delivers two menacingly dark drum & bass tracks with the forthcoming 'Mindkiller / Quest' single.

From the opening bars of 'Mindkiller' it becomes clear that Fathom is destined to bring you a 2016 update of the classic strand of late nineties, pitch black techstep D&B with it's fusion of ominous synth notes, and 2-step breaks on the intro which soon mutates into a heavyweight rolling amen break assault complete with massive twisting Reese bassline. 
'Quest' treads a similar dark path as it's companion piece with it's fusion of ominous, sweeping synths and martial arts movie samples meshed with monolithic bass throbs, brain searing stabs and frantically layered breaks. 

If you have a love for the No U-Turn, Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware style of dark drum & bass prevalent from late '95-'97, then Fathom is guaranteed to deliver that gritty and grimey, Dystopian sci-fi sound. 

Fathom's 'Mindkiller / Quest' single will available to download and stream from all good digital download stores and streaming sites from 19/01/16.

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  1. This is 2 amazing tunes. Straight up killers. Brilliant production and hard hitting snares and bass. It's like the remix of Julia set + chaos first generation track and traces mutant remix basslines all put together masterfully. Please make more of this. This is already my top 2 tunes for 2016. Thanks