Friday, 6 November 2015

[Amen Addicts Records] Osci - Digital Dub Box [Free 13-Track Jungle LP Available To Download Now!!!]

1/ My Sound.
2/ Deadly Mashup Anthem.
3/ Original Outlaw.
4/ Hang Them.
5/ Junglist Man.
6/ Kill A Sound Tonight.
7/ Hot This Year.
8/ Call Da Police.
9/ Inna Competition.
10/ Oldskool Style.
11/ Dred Bass Remix.
12/ Posse.
13/ The Burial Remix.

For some, the Golden era of classic 1994-1995 jungle never died, with many an artist and label carrying the torch for rugged breaks, rudeboy basslines and dancehall chatting well into 2015, over twenty years from it's inception. Vienna based junglist, Osci has proven with his numerous releases that jungle has spread far and wide from it's London origins, and is now a worldwide force to be reckoned with. 
Gathering together the remnants of an abandoned album and a couple of unofficial remixes, Osci has collected together thirteen unreleased dubs to compile a massive nuskool jungle masterpiece, entitled 'Digital Dub Box' to kick off his brand new label, Amen Addicts Records. And if that isn't enough to get you interested, then the free price tag will.

The 'Digital Dub Box' LP opens with Osci's statement of musical intent with the rousing 'My Sound', which combines Wu-Tang soul elements with ragga sing-song, backed by ruffneck breaks and thunderous bass tones. The 'Deadly Mashup Anthem' drops next with it's combination of fierce amen break edits, thundering subsonic bass blasts and menacing MC proclamations that all opponents will "R-I-P!!!". 'Original Outlaw' peppers it's hard-stepping militant percussion with dancehall soundclash, battle samples, while it's companion piece, 'Hang Dem', incorporates choice reggae melodies, Cutty Ranks vocals and legendary Mafia flick dialogue.

'Junglist Man' provides a head-nodding, shout-out to all followers of ragga-junglism backed by machine-gun fire and rattling breaks and before Osci introduces a more contemporary, nuskool interpretation of the jungle sound with the riotous 'Kill A Sound Tonight'. Slick, jazzy piano notes introduce 'Hot This Year' before the track plunging into a deep amen and reversed bass workout. Meanwhile John Wayne's legendary vocals and 'Sleng Teng' riddimed backing feature on the future badbwoy anthem, 'Call Da Police'. 

The infamous Tenor Fly, 'Ring the Alarm' vocals make an appearance in the ragga-amen mashup that is 'Inna Competition'. A firing track guaranteed to get the lighters a flashing and air horns blasting, before 'Oldskool Style' tears through your sound system soon after. Osci revisits the original, reversed bass anthem that is 'Dred Bass' and lays down additional ragga vocals and brand new breakbeat choppage, in appreciation of the 1994 Dead Dred classic before launching into even more chaotic, amen mentalism with the hectically paced 'Posse''Digital Dub Box' concludes with another original, vintage jungle rework of the 21 year old, Philly Blunt anthem, 'The Burial Remix', which adds the classic pads and vocal samples to an intensely chopped up amens. Talk about ending things on a high!

If you have a passion for thundering sub-bass, frenetically edited breakbeats, ragga vocals and dancehall flavourings, then Osci most certainly delivers the goods. If you call yourself a junglist then you cannot miss this one!!!
Osci's 'Digital Dub Box' album is available to download for free from the Osci Bandcamp link below (or if you wish to support the artist then you can donate more to support future projects!)...

For a taster of Osci's 'Digital Dub Box' LP check out his exclusive promo mix here...

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