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Nefti is back - and with his trademark sound! Listening to this, his production is getting tighter and tighter! Nice little breaks with crisp kick and snare punching through, but then that opening lush pad enters and lets you know Nefti's arrived! Oh, but then his trademark vocal sound comes in warming up for that massive trademark Nefti piano drop that just confirms this is a future anthem! A tidy bass drop follows the piano scattered with  little old skool stabs before returning to the lush pad,sweet vocal and massive piano! This piano drop is  serious hands in the air business! Back into the bass and stabs,little vocal snips. This is such a great track, very catchy and will grow on you with each listen, a solid track that will go down well and I think remind long time Nefti fans of tunes like 'Take Away The Colour'.

RATE: 8/10

Listen To Your Heart

Oh yes, this track teases an intro with heavy,slow and steppy beats backing a sweet arp before dropping into  the accompanying huge vocals of the classic 'Listen To Your Heart', rolling breaks and acid 303s,straight back to the 80's and 90's with this one! Nice bass fits perfectly with the track and the piano adds to the sound. This rolls nicely and is a solid production and a really nice chilled track on the EP.

RATE: 7/10

Because Of You

Old Skool ravers, this one is just for you! Opening straight up with a Quadrophonia stab and tearing Old Skool break, adding sections of Think break, the pad enters, a dirty synth sound in the background, building vocals to let you know something big is coming! Then it drops, the 2nd time on this EP Nefti returns to his roots and hits you with his trademark vocals and piano! Sounds wicked when the breaks return over this! Builds up into the warm bass and dirty synth,with accompanying trancey riffs. Returns to the main vocal and big piano drop, those breaks, building up again into the dirty bassline. This has Lodz anthem written all over it!

RATE: 7/10

Let It Be Me

Kicking off with a punchy steppy beat, a little arp and vocal snippet enters, followed by another lush pad. POW! Nefti hits you with yet another massive piano line! Where does he get them all from?! A sweet little vocal alongside, this is yet again Nefti's trademark sound! The piano filters out tidily into - POW! - a very punchy bassline that works fine on it's own but then sounds even better with the Old Skool stabs that that play on top of it, giving it more depth and power! The vocal returns and flows nicely on top before the beats and bass drop out with the return of that massive piano! It filters out again as we roll into round 2! Once that Old  Skool stab returns it just reassures you how good it sounded the first time round! Start stripping away the ingrediants as we roll out to the end.

RATE: 8/10

Overall a great EP, 1 cover and 3 great pieces of original work, at least 1 of these is definately going to be a future anthem! Making this another must buy EP! Fans of Nefti's previous hits are going to love this EP as so many tunes on here have Nefti's classic sound but sound like they're polished,more technical than before and reflect Nefti's growth as a producer. Each track on here I will happily play in different sets,but 'Let It Be Me's bass stands out so much and the title track 'Medicine' is outstanding and has all the right ingrediants that when choosing mid set i'm definately going to pull that one!

RATE: 8/10

Reviewed by 2nzy for Strictly Nuskool Blog

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