Monday, 24 August 2015

Beat Rapist - Shotgun Shells & Greedy Pimps [Free 11 Track Album!!!]

1/ Shotgun Shells & Greedy Pimps.
2/ LSD & Lasers.
3/ Whistles & Amphetamines.
4/ Angels Fell.
5/ Real Deal.
6/ How We Roll.
7/ Original BadBoy.
8/ 666 The Beast Cometh.
9/ Low Life.
10/ Lysergic Acid Diethylamide = Fucked.
11/ Pills & Amphet.

After close to a year in the making, the Beat Rapist has completed his second free album of heavy-as-hell, apocalyptic jungle beats. It is now time to prepare your eardrums for the sub-bass bothering 'Shotgun Shells & Greedy Pimps'...

The album begins with the self-titled ''Shotgun Shells & Greedy Pimps', combining Beat Rapist's trademark pitched down amen breaks, heavyweight basslines, apocalyptic horns ('Egyptian'!) and gangsta rap sampleage to show that this album isn't going to be an easygoing ride. 'LSD & Lasers' up next  adds an electrifying stab melody to ruffneck 'Think' breaks and amen edits and classic oldskool hardcore vocals proclaiming that things are about to go 'HARDCORE!!!'

The rave continues with the use of crowd samples, MC Mad P quotes and one killer 'hands-in-the-air' oscillator riff on 'Whistles & Amphetamines' before we start our descent into the dark zone on the moody, machine-gunfire hardcore-junglism of 'Angels Fell'. Due to all of the dark and moody jungle featured on the album, it could be easily mistaken that the Beat Rapist may lack a sense of humor? However that fact can easily be debunked by catching the totally unexpected, and 'fish out of water' appearance of a certain "MC" David Dickinson on the darkside 'The Real Deal'.

'How We Roll' incorporates Chuck D and junglist MC shout outs over rolling, yet heavy amen breaks and air horns to capture the energy of sweaty jungle raves perfectly before 'Original Badboy' returns to '92 by adding a classic one-finger 'Landlord' piano melody to the mix alongside 'Original badboy rolling'  and 'Selector to hot for real!' MC GQ rave shoutouts.

We then go a little deeper on the eerily atmospheric and sci-fi styled '666 The Bast Cometh' before phasing into dark jungle territory with the classic Blowfly, 'Sesame Street' break meets evil Reese bass and mentasm snippets of 'Lowlife'. 
'Lysergic Acid Diethylamide = Fucked' drops frenetically chopped up amen breaks alongside blaring bass riffs and 'drugs' dialogue snippets before we close with with 'Pills & Amphet', Beat Rapist's breaks, bass and stab-heavy tribute to the days of hardcore. 

'Shotgun Shells & Greedy Pimps' is a short at only 34 minutes, but heavyweight distillation of the authentic Beat Rapist sound, as well as a snapshot into a time when the soundtrack of moody and intimidating hardcore and jungle raves was the TRUE sound of the underground.

Shotgun Shells & Greedy Pimps is available to download for free from Beat Rapist's Soundcloud page (just click on the download tab to get your free tracks), so be sure to crack them up and give your neighbors nightmares!!! :D

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