Wednesday, 12 August 2015

[ARR042] Exit Point - Exit Point & Friends Vol 1 [Available To Download From All Good Digital Stores 21/08/15]

1/ Exit Point ft. Abstract Illusion - Amenergy.
2/ Exit Point ft. Armitage Shankz - Whole Crew Dem.
3/ Exit Point ft. Babylon 3 - Borrow Dubplate.
4/ Exit Point ft. Decibel Lecter - Dance All Night.
5/ Exit Point ft. Distrax - The Progression.
6/ Exit Point ft. High Timez - Rock It.
7/ Exit Point ft. Jonny 5 - Gun Test.
8/ Exit Point ft. Langham - Lord Have Mercy.
9/ Exit Point ft. Sophistics - Dancehall Dedication.
10/ Exit Point ft. Redshift - Carry Me Away.
11/ Exit Point ft. Jynx - Dread Warrior.
12/ Exit Point ft. Dubious - Seriously, Drop It.
13/ Exit Point ft. Spyral - Evacuation.
14/ Exit Point ft. Toran Delaney - My Soul Is On Fire.

Exit Point has been a staunch supporter of all things breakbeat since the early nineties, as a raver, as a DJ on many internet radio shows and as a producer whose works have appeared on many esteemed labels (Kode 5 Recordings, Red Alfa, Rancid Records, San Francisco Nights and our very own Strictly Nu-Skool label to name but a few). For his latest venture Exit Point and the Allowance Records label are set to release the first installment of 'Exit Point & Friends' albums which feature collaborations with fourteen of the most talented producers within the underground jungle and drum & bass spheres.

Kicking off with the storming 'Amenergy' with Abstract Illusion, which opens with a disarmingly chilled R&B intro before dropping a rolling, amen break bomb on your unsuspecting eardrums. Armitage Shankz then guides us deep into roughneck, ragga-vibed D&B territory with 'Whole Crew Dem' while Babylon 3's 'Borrow Dubplate' collaboration throws ominous G-Funk atmosphere, breakbeat reverses and growling bass throbs into the mix.

Decibel Lector steps into the arena next with 'Dance All Night' which is driven by steppin' breaks and a massive, warped bassline closley followed by Distrax who delivers a techy and minimal number with strong bass heavy keys on 'The Progression'. 'Rock It' featuring High Timez showcases hard hitting breaks alongside a monstrous, warped bass and excellent ethereal, chiming harmonics. 

The amen break takes centre stage on the menacing and sinister 'Gun Test' featuring Jonny 5, who drops in a surprise vocal melody midway to ease up the atmosphere. Langham's collaboration sees punchy, stepping breaks backed up by a combination of morphing basslines with 'Lord Have Mercy' while Sophistics' 'Dancehall Dedication' gels machine-gun-fire amens with unrelenting bass stabs and dancehall vox.

'Carry Me Away' featuring Redshift changes the pace of things by dropping some smooth liquid D&B grooves in the form of sultry female intonations and a languid piano melody. With Jynx's collab, 'Dread Warrior' we return to the nu-skool jungle with  dub reggae trumpets soudclashing with rudebwoy bass and rugged breaks. 'Seriously, Drop It' with Dubious meshes intensely, aggressive chopped up breaks with mentasm stabs flashes and a lush reggae piano melody to great effect.

Spyral steers things in a clinical, neurofunk direction with 'Evacuation', by merging a driving, 2-step break with a hypnotic, techno melody before the album closes with Toran Delaney's exquisite oldskool jungle inspired 'My Soul Is On Fire', which to me sounds like what Reinforced Records circa 1993 would sound like if they had today's technology.

Altogether the 'Exit Point & Friends Vol 1' collaboration album expertly covers all bases of Drum & Bass and Jungle music genres, as well as showcasing the talent out there. Can't wait to see what 'Vol 2' comes up with!

'Exit Point & Friends Vol 1' will be available from all good digital download stores from 21/08/15, so all D&B and Jungle headz, get that date down in your diary!!!!

For a taster of the 'Exit Point & Friends Vol 1' album in the mix be sure to check out Exit Point's wicked mini-mix below...

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