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"TOP 10 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (12May2015)

Back in the game this week with our hardcore mission inc. lots of fresh and killin' tracks! Much appreciation to all producers sent me promos & bigups to all involved on this showcase (producers/labels). This show is about 2 hrs of uplifting hardcore vibes, strictly nuskool, featuring also a special tribute to the very fresh Ravertooth Tiger label, playing out all tracks from the 1st Album of it, alongside an interview with the label manager, the man like Graz.

Starting up with number 10, LA label Audio Science's new release 'The Collective EP' with 4 class hardcore tekno/gabber tracks! 'Only Time to Panic' by Operaider is a part of this release, blow your mind!
Number 9 sees a NY producer like Machine Girl, really skillful in production of Footwork, Acid, Juke vibes. MG has already released some outstanding personal albums/EPs & several tracks. You need to check out carefully all MG stuff in case you haven't already.'Luciferian New World Order Zionist' is featured on the 'Year of Ravertooth Vol.1' Album such as '15 Year Party' from DJ Donna Summer (owner of Cock Rock Disco) in number 8. Mental uplifting rave footwork tune from mr. Jason Forrest who's giving his self style on this release!
Spaceface is sitting on number 7 with his 'Attic Attack' mutant breaks vibe taken from the fresh Acme Bass Records release 'Dirty Breaks EP'. Great release from Acme Bass remaining on high levels on the Mutant Rave kind!..Right Here Right Now..and All over the world! 
Number 6, a 22yr old producer from Mother Russia, DJ Sashay (who's been also involved on the 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.2' Album) offers a sweet darkness where hcb meet acid techno on his 'Psychosomatic', following the same direction like he did on his 'Time To Get Funky & Raw Remix'.
In Number 5, one more banger from the Acme Bass 'The Dirty Break EP' driven by the sick sounds of Onken, (aka Junglismonk) who's already released stuff on Coin Operated & Mutant Bass. An essential mutant warrior on a 303 braindamaging 'Acid Hardcore 9'!
Polska 'Rave Footwork' duet like dubsknit & pzg, is back again after the successful & mental release of 'We Rob Rave LP' (fully supported from my show) on the remix duties melting more the 'Get Melted' track from Aussie producer Melt Unit. This remix is sitting proudly melted on Ravey Number 4.
Bristol based Breakcore producer/dj Anorak has released a personal 3track EP called 'Hexci On The Choppage' out from Ransaked Recods. 'The Future Is Broken' is a sick dish out from his breakcore mind, an attractive banger in general for the hard crew in number 3!
But what about breakcore youth..?
Vaenus is an 18yr old producer from Arizona focusing on dope and high range bpms! 'Pump This Party (90s Remix)' is an exlusive rework from him (currently unreleased) on the original track of him which is featured on his personal EP titled 'Anything Goes'.  This producer has strong potential. The future is with him!
Last track to display comes from US and Lucider's ultimate bomb in the name of 'Cheminal Agent' featured on 'Year of the Ravertooth Vol.1' . Don't want to underrate all others from this album but i think this is the top killa from this release!

TOP 10 (GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio-12th May 2015)

Operaider - Only Time To Panic [AUDIO SCIENCE]
09. Machinegirl - Luciferian New World Order Zionist [RAVERTOOTH TIGER]
08. DJ Donna Summer - 15 Year Party [RAVERTOOTH TIGER]
07. Spaceface - Attic Attack [ACME BASS]
06. DJ Sashay - Psychosomatic
05. Onken - Acid Hardcore 9 [ACME BASS]
04. Melt Unit - Get Melted - (dupzgnit rmx)
03. Anorak - The Future Is Broken [RANSAKED RECORDS]
Vaenus - Pump This Party (90's Remix)
Lucider - Chemical Agent  [RAVERTOOTH TIGER]

GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow]

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