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"TOP 8 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (10MAR.2015)

This week's GenX showcase @ Planet Rave Radio, was about Hardcore Breaks and oldskool influenced tracks with lots of freshness worth to present in here aswell, on the 'TOP 8 of The Week' (10th March 2015).
Starting with number 8 and the return of Kut Off Records after almost 8 months and this time model101 12track LP sounds the best way to celebrate 2k15. 'In Control' is the name of the Album and the self titled track features Bruxia & Non Compliace on a heavy jungle breaks result. In number 7 a great promoter/DJ/producer based in Lodz (Poland) the man like Greg Sin Key is about to release his first personal full album ('Let Me Hear Your Shout' out from Intensive Recordings on 15th March) and 'That Sound' is the perfect track to preview of this breakbeat release.
Next track (?!) or even better 'mashup dish' comes from Gareth Monks, a really talented producer who has the right skills to cook a mashup like a tune. 'Production House' is a 10min track mashup stylee and total oldskool rush & memories rewinder.. 
Next stop is Norway and a sick hard hitting nu-rave producer like Mr. Niceguy on a acid synth 'Overstimulation' attack. A great uplifting vibe!
In number 4, a well known suspect of this show like Paul Cronin from Leeds, is about to launch his own label called 'Raveskool Recordings' and 'Ya Might Get A Rush' is taken from the first forthcoming release from there, a personal EP from him titled 'The Oldskool EP'. So good to see hardworkin' producers like Paul or Pursuit (This is Nu-Rave Label) setting up their own labels these days. True warriors in the scene! In number 3 a beloved & established producer/DJ like Nefti on a new experiment trying to add more phat sounds on his productions. The result is sick and seems he got...'The Game'.
Four tracks featured 'The Game EP' delivering phat & dirty bass and heavy breakbeats on the new direction of Nefti, which needs your attention. Out now on Intensive Recordings.
One more hardworkin producer/dj based in Tenerife, the man like DJ Wislov, has recently released an amazing 20track Album titled 'Ravenoyz Vol.1' (out now from his label, Ravenoyz Recordings) 'I Had to Go' is his offering on that album which is on the top albums in the Hardcore Breaks scene. No doubt about it.
Last track to display comes from DJ Rave in Peace.. E is for energy or better emotion and 'Void of E Motion' is finally finished as i remember that tune 'wip for years'. Great and happy hardcore breaks vibe from DJ RIP who has returned stronger in thenu-rave game over the last months releasing also tunes on Rinse Repeat Records, Dred Collective and watch this space for his personal EP, forthcoming release out from the Strictly Nuskool Blog.

TOP 10 (GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio - 10th Mar.. 2015)

08. m0del101 - Bruxia & Non Compliance - In Control [KUT OFF RECORDS]

07. Greg Sin Key - That Sound [INTENSIVE RECORDINGS]

06. Gareth Monks - Production House (dj friendly mashup)

05. Mr Niceguy - Overstimulation [numix]

04. Paul Cronin - Ya Might Get A Rush [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]



01. DJ Rave In Peace - Void Of E Motion

Listen to full showcase here:

GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow]

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