Wednesday, 18 March 2015

KFA70 - Dj Luna-C - Almost No Spiders, Guaranteed [Forthcoming on KFA - 5th April 2015]

After the successful personal release from Luna-C 'Back To The Front' (KFA - 63) some great news revealed yesterday where the legendary hardcore head has previewed fresh tracks from the 70th KFA release which features 4 brand new bombs from him on a forthcoming EP titled 'Almost No Spiders Guaranteed'. Total banging hardcore strictly for the dancefloor!!

The preview of this release is uploaded on KFA Soundcloud page and Luna-C desribes it in few words sayin:

"I wondered what it would be like to make modern hardcore with the old skool sounds and ethic's. And with almost no spiders."


01. Keep Coming Hardcore
02. Buggin' Out
03. All The Worlds Banana's
04. Hear Me Now

Luna-C upcoming events during March 2015

Uprising – Sheffield (20th March 2015)
Bangface Weekender (21st March 2015)

Strictly Underground Productions Meltdown 2015 (28th March 2015)

You can grab now your copies to the latest KFA release, which is out now and available to buy on

Click on the icon to buy

KFA67 Demcore – The Demise E.P (Executive Edition)

Finally there is a new status from Luna-C, which is posted on the official website with all latest news, releases and anything related - click here to read it.

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