Monday, 15 December 2014

Sparki Dee - The Oldskool Experience Album [Available For Free Download Now!!!!]

1/ Acid Rain.
2/ Rinse Out The Awesome Bells.
3/ What Is Techno.
4/ Hi Octane.
5/ Symmetry. 
6/ Liftin Spirits.
7/ Innocence.
8/ Tribute To Atlantis (Euphoric Wonderland).
9/ Liftin Spirits (KDV Mix).
10/ The End.
As Christmas nears and the TV and radio stations are clogged with festive cheese and ever present X-Factor predictability, Ramsgate based producer and DJ, Sparki Dee offers up the perfect remedy to ease the more discerning listener's ears. After building up a strong discography on labels including Kode 5 Recordings, Hardcore Lives, Azzuro Digital and our very own 'Strictly NuSkool Volume One' compilation, Sparki unleashes his first artist album, 'The Oldskool Experience' on December 17th. and proves to be a multi-genre spanning collection of techno, house, hardcore breaks, jungle and drum & bass tracks, all keeping the spirit of oldskool rave music well and truly alive.
Starting off with the mellow opener 'Acid Rain', a track which re-ignites the classic glory days of acid house and warehouse parties and 'Rinse Out The Awesome Bells', which borrows 2 classic elements from oldskool hardcore and early drum & bass to devastating nuskool effect.
Up next is 'What Is Techno' an uplifting and pumping techno tinged house track followed closely by a personal firm favourite, the aptly named 'Hi-Octane' which crosses a thumping kickdrum with crunching breaks and an infectiously euphoric stab melody.
'The Oldskool Experience' then steers towards a drum & bass direction with 'Symmetry' and 'Liftin Spirits', the latter of which pays tribute to the classic jungle label from the mid-nineties with it's fusion of breakneck beats, booming bassline and soaring strings. Up next is another hardcore breaks, piano slammer entitled 'Innocence', which can only be summed up as Adamski meets 1994 junglistic hardcore.
'Tribute To Atlantis (Euphoric Wonderland)' follows next paying homage to the 1993 Good Looking Records classic in bombastic style and is backed up by the 'KDV Mix' of 'Liftin Spirits' which adds a touch of hardcore flava to the original jungle mix.
Accurately named closing track, 'The End' starts off at a chilled downtempo breakbeat pace, before the BPM rockets off to a thundering pace with it's breakneck speed bass, thumping kicks and rolling breaks. An excellent blend of tempo-bending, uplifting happy hardcore/breakcore to round off a slickly produced and altogether, energetically euphoric album. Huge respects go out to Sparki Dee for releasing this beast of an album.

'The Oldskool Experience' album is be available as a free download from the Sparki Dee Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages linked below...
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